All ready! Boxing star Claressa Shields already has a date for her MMA debut

All ready!  Boxing star Claressa Shields already has a date for her MMA debut

Claressa shields, renowned American boxer, has everything ready for her debut in the MMA. Although she was already very excited about her arrival at PFL For months, she is still excited about what is coming for her. The double boxing champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist already has her contract with the Mixed Martial Arts company, so I hope to all lovers of this discipline.

That being the case, the three division world champion will compete in Mixed Martial Arts for the first time in her professional career. This will take place at the event on June 10, PFL, located at the Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Although he does not have a close opponent yet, he is expected to start high and against a good caliber.

He got it! Claressa Shields became the first female two-division champion

She is very excited

Weeks ago, Shields She reported, “Listen, I’m excited and ready to prove everyone wrong. Not everyone, but everyone who doubts. It seems like everyone keeps saying ‘oh, anyone who comes from boxing can’t be successful in MMA‘. As they say, look at James Toney and I laugh a little because James Toney was 42 years old. I’m 25 years old. He was also 42 years old and he went in there, I don’t know how long he prepared, but he fought against one of the best they had.

Not that I wouldn’t do that, but I’m getting ready. I am taking one step at a time. I am not a selfish person. I am the best boxer in the world. There is no other female fighter in boxing that can beat me in boxing, for sure. But moving on to another sport and saying that is just not true now. I have to work from below and learn, train and drill. Put those 10,000 hours to be great at something, “acknowledged the multi-champion.

On the other hand, Claressa shields, new star of PFLHe said: “I think I’ve been trending on Twitter. I’ve been trending on Google for the last three days. Only the support that the world of MMA It has been providing me in my transition. There have been some haters, sure, but there are more people who support me. I get the support in boxing, but also the opportunities just don’t exist. I haven’t fought since January. I have gained more than 22 or 23,000 followers on social media and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. All my numbers have increased.

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