Backtrack? Gronkowski anticipates a possible return of Julian Edelman

Backtrack?  Gronkowski anticipates a possible return of Julian Edelman

The withdrawal of Julian Edelman It has been one of the bombings of the week in the NFL. The star of New England Patriots, after being cut by his knee problems, decided to end his career. However, his former teammate and current league champion, Rob gronkowski He anticipated a wide receiver return with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, just as it happened with him.

Julian Edelman

It was this April 12 that Julian Edelman, after being cut by the Patriots, announced the end of his career. The 3-time Super Bowl winner did not pass the physical tests, dragging a chronic injury. The player ruled out going to another franchise, and announced the end of his glorious career in American football at the age of 34.

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The former player of the Patriots and current tight end of Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Rob gronkowski He spoke about his former partner to TMZ. “It is a beast. Great companion, three-time Super Bowl champion, Super Bowl MVP (2019)… You have to recognize Jules. He gave everything throughout his entire career, he was a great partner. Will go to the Hall of Fame of the Patriots, Safely. I definitely think you have a great chance of getting into the one of the NFL«.

The premature withdrawal of Julian Edelman because of the injuries he remembers what happened to him Gronkowski. The player had retired in New England, and it was Tom Brady’s pass to the Buccaneers what prompted his return to the NFL. Now at number 87 he anticipated the return of the receiver. ‘There is a 69 percent chance. He will be back »he assured.

Brady-Gronk-Edelman reunion?

Response from Gronkowski It came from the possibility that Edelman follow in his footsteps, and come back from retirement to report to Brady in Tampa. If so, Buccaneers they would be rebuilding the glorious Patriots at Raymond James Stadium and under the command of Bruce Arians. For now, the possibility is closed and the ‘Pats’ player has said goodbye to the grid, but there is still the uncertainty of a possible return.

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