Carlos Sainz has great hopes in Fernando Alonso: «He can give us joy»

Fernando Alonso

Carlos Sainz talked about everything. The two-time World Champion of Rally I do not know about any topic in an interview in the middle COPEGP and left several headlines. Since Fernando Alonso until his son’s debut Carlos with the team Ferrari, thus fulfilling the dream of his life. The three-time winner of the Dakar rally He continues with his sports activity after turning 59 this week.

‘El Matador’ as Sainz is nicknamed had his debut last weekend in the new Rally Raid category, Exteme E. With a fourth place next to the Spanish Cristina Gutierrez, Sainz again proved that he can fight all the challenges that come his way in the nearest future. In January 2022 he will be present again at the Dakar Rally.

The viral video of Carlos Sainz with his father in support of Real Madrid


Sainz assured that the Asturian will be at the top again thanks to his enormous experience in Formula 1. “I see him very well, happy, and the most important thing is that he is doing what he wants to do and that must be respected. Fernando has earned the right to decide if he wants to run, quit, or try again. I’m sure he’s going to have a good time and we’re going to be happy, “said the Madrid native.

Your son

On the other hand, the former pilot of the WRC assured that his son had a great debut with Ferrari, despite not fighting for the podium. «Carlos went from less to more. You have to be patient. After a day and a half of testing, we have already seen how all the debutants in their respective teams do not have an easy time knowing the car and being able to exploit it. Surely he will be a little more done to the car (in Imola), so he will be able to do better ».


In recent days, a rumor emerged that Carlos Sainz would stop competing with MINI in the Dakar Rally, going on to race with Audi. On this, the Spanish did not confirm or deny the news, opening the door to an offer. «It is a great brand. If they call me I will listen. Audi is one of the brands that has done the most and that has done the best in the world of sports. It is a guarantee.

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