“I don’t want to be fat anymore”: Andy Ruiz’s initiative to which the entire Canelo Team has joined

Ya no quiero estar gordo: La iniciativa de Andy Ruiz a la que se ha sumado todo el Canelo Team

Andy ruiz presented an exclusive motivational clothing line with the slogan “I don’t want to be fat anymore”, an initiative to which the entire Canelo Team.

A clothing line inspired by the important physical change you have undergone Andy ruiz in recent months. This has been achieved by working in the gym of Eddy reynoso next to Canelo, Oscar Valdez, Ryan Garcia and other fighters.

Ruiz He presented sweatshirts and hats with his logo, but the garment that attracted the most attention was a T-shirt that says “I don’t want to be fat anymore” on the chest.

It has the image of a pig, and the evolutionary line of a person who is just sitting watching television, and who gets up little by little to exercise, activate, and start boxing.

Immediately, the Canelo Alvarez, Eddy reynoso, and the son of Andy ruiz they put on the t-shirt to support the initiative.

What’s more, Andy ruiz He has been sharing on his social networks videos that are sent to him of overweight boys who are being physically activated in their gyms and in boxing.

Overweight depression and the physical transformation of Andy Ruiz

Andy ruiz assured that he weighed 140 kilos and had depression, after losing his rematch fight with Anthony Joshua.

Already overcome, Andy Ruiz painfully recounted the depression he experienced after his defeat with Joshua, on December 7, 2019. But that led him to important changes, and to start an arduous physical work that he has been doing since he joined the team of Eddy reynoso.

“I must have lost 40 pounds (18 kilos),” he confessed Andy ruiz in a documentary series that he broadcasts on his channel Youtube. “After my fight against Anthony Joshua and my loss in Saudi Arabia, I went up to 310 pounds (140 kilos). I was depressed. I was mad at myself because I knew I should have trained. I knew I should have done better in my last fight. But you know what, it’s never too late. Now is the time. Now is the beginning to see the true and the new Andy ruiz“.

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