Is revenge coming? Adriano Moraes would give Demetrious Johnson another chance

Is revenge coming?  Adriano Moraes would give Demetrious Johnson another chance

Wednesday of last week, Adriano Moraes surprised everyone and knocked out Demetrious Johnson. The Brazilian left the world of Mixed Martial Arts with their mouths open, after knocking one of the legends of MMA unconscious with an impressive knee. In this way, the winner obtained the Flyweight championship in the debut of ONE Championship and admits that he would accept a rematch.

Initially, Moraes he began by explaining: ‘I know Demetrious Johnson It is the GOAT, the greatest of all time. I think if the company thinks it deserves a rematch, of course we will give it a rematch. But we have a lot of killers here in the flyweight division that I think deserve the opportunity. For me, I’m going to keep my focus on my way.

A show! Adriano Moraes’ impressive knockout of Demetrious Johnson

I’ll get some rest and go back to the gym and start over, and we’ll see what will happen. The flyweight division here at ONE Championship it’s so dynamic, there are a lot of fighters, so I don’t know what’s going to happen. Let’s see after this, Moraes vs. Johnson 2. I think it makes sense, it deserves it, it is the GOAT and we are going. I can not wait. Thanks to him for opening the doors to us in the flyweight division, “he said.

The fans are excited

What’s more, Hadrian He stated, “Every athlete in the flyweight division should be grateful to Demetrious Johnson for opening doors for us. The flyweight division was created only by Demetrious Johnson and Joseph Benavidez. As a big fan of MMA and, of course, I play this sport, I know. I remember that time when they created the flyweight division, they were both the fighters to fight for the first UFC flyweight belt. “

So when I saw that, I decided to go down to flyweight. That is why I made my stories in the flyweight division because DJ and Joseph Benavidez started the division. Therefore, many flyweight athletes should be grateful that these two great warriors of the flyweight division open these doors for us, “he concluded. Adriano Moraes, the king of division in ONE Championship.

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