Jarno Trulli’s warning about Fernando Alonso that scares his rivals

Fernando Alonso

Jarno trulli was a partner of Fernando Alonso in the 2004 season of the Formula 1. There Alonso began to forge his figure in the category, despite the brutal dominance of Ferrari Y Michael Schumacher. The Italian won his only victory that season with Alonso and the team Renault, in the Monaco Grand Prix, the most prestigious of the season.

In an interview to the official Formula 1 podcast, ‘Beyond the Grid‘, Trulli issued a harsh warning to Alonso’s rivals this year. In his words, his friend is at a superlative level, not just driving, but physical. Trulli is very close to Alonso. He was one of those who worried the most, after the accident that Alonso had a few weeks ago in Switzerland.

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Despite his almost 40 years, Alonso is at a high level, and that was confirmed by Trulli who spoke about the ‘problem’ of age. «I have been talking to Fernando and I have to say something: he is ten years younger than me, so this is already a good thing for him. But unlike me, he really wants to drive. You have nothing else in mind than driving. I do not contemplate failure.

“The big question is probably not how good is Fernando; the big question mark will be how good your car will be to put you in a fighting position to get to the top. I have very few doubts about him, I just see him very motivated, ”Trulli launched to the podcast. The Italian no longer competes officially since 2016.

Finally, Trulli highly praised Alonso in another facet, which is not conductive: the mentality. “He is one of those drivers who plays with his mind and is a politician in his team. He is part of a driver, a leading driver who wants to be the first of the team, who wants to be number 1. I am not like him. I have always wanted to prove myself with results. This was probably one of my mistakes, “he said.

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