The incredible story behind the first meeting between Valentino Rossi and Marc Márquez: «I’m in charge here»

Valentino Rossi.

Marc Márquez Y Valentino rossi They are the greatest idols in the history of MotoGP. Together they add 17 world titles (9 Rossi and 8 Márquez), and a mutual admiration that goes beyond the fights on the track. In the last hours, an unusual story was known about how the most famous photo in the history of world motorcycling was created. «I rule here«, Valentino told the young Márquez.


In an episode of the series ‘Route 46-Route 93: the path of two myths’, which is broadcast on the platform DAZN, the photographer Jaime Olivares He recounted how the most famous motorcycle photo was taken. Márquez debuted in the championship of 125 Cc (today Moto3) and Valentino was already the maximum idol of all. Olivares told Márquez that he could meet Valentino, and he did not hide his emotion.

In MotoGP they detach themselves from the injury of Marc Márquez: «It is a lack of respect»

«Before the race of Montmeló had seen that Valentino had run the year before the Monza Rally with a Subaru and, since the brand had made the commemorative stroller, and Marc had Scalextric As a sponsor, it occurred to me to ask you if you wanted to meet Valentino. When I told him, he opened his eyes and said Yes, sure! Pleasure!. I met with Valentino to see when we would do it ».

On the other hand, the journalist Emilio Perez de Rozas He assured DAZN that ‘Vale’ had an enormous gesture towards little Marc. He also commented that Márquez could not stop looking at who his idol was at that time. “You just have to see Marc’s face and how he looks at him,” de Rozas analyzed about the photo.

“I rule here”

Finally, both recalled the moment when the meeting ended, commenting that Valentino gave him a tender and funny warning. «Valentino was wonderful. Marc was very young and the farewell was great: ‘Well, how do people treat you here?’ ‘Well, well, they treat me well,’ replied Marc. ‘If they don’t treat you well, tell me, because I’m in charge here.

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