Triller announces the purchase of the FITE platform

Triller announces the purchase of the FITE platform

Triller announced that it has acquired FITE, the global platform for live events and Pay-Per-View and broadcasting for sports and entertainment.

FITE It is a platform that has broadcast combat sports, both boxing and MMA. He came to broadcast fights of fighters who were not aligned to any television, for example the last fight of “Wonder” Martinez and from Left-handed Ramírez.

Now FITE becomes the property of Triller, the platform that broadcast the fight of Mike tyson against Roy jones, which sold 1.6 million PPV. Y Triller also won the rights to the mandatory fight between Teofimo Lopez Y George Kambosos, far exceeding the bidding of its competitors. In addition, he will also have the return to boxing of Oscar de la hoya.

Within this aggressive plan to grow in boxing, Triller strikes another major blow with the acquisition of FITE. With this, it seeks to take advantage of the technological base and the subscriber base that it has had.

The deal will give the video-making app much more reach of the AI-powered content and distribution ecosystem. Thus, it allows the company to continue investing in new lifestyles and entertainment programming.

FITE He has been a fantastic partner, and the synergy between the two companies and teams was clear from day one, ”they said. Bobby Sarnevesht, president and Ryan kavanaugh, both co-owner of Triller.

“The agreement represents our ambitions not only to expand Triller Fight Club and grow the distribution relationships of FITE, but also to reimagine what, how and when premium music, sports and entertainment will be offered to audiences, “they said.

With over 10 million users and 4 million registered sports and entertainment fans, FITE has broadcast over 5,000 live events over the past 5 years.

“Triller has an exceptionally visionary executive team that is revolutionizing the world of sports and entertainment. We are very excited to be a part and play a role in this process, ”he said. Kosta Jordanov, co-founder and CEO of FITE.

Triller and his bet on boxing

Mike tyson decided at 54, in a fight against Roy jones jr, another old glory, on September 12 in The Angels.

Y Triller bet on Iron mike, investing around 50 million dollars to be able to broadcast the fight in streaming and also gain the option of preparing a dozen documentaries around the boxing event.

This bet generated millionaire profits for the company, so it has begun to bet much more on boxing.

Tyson got a lot of money from Triller.

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