Video: the day Michael Schumacher made the podium at Imola on three wheels

Michael Schumcher

Michael Schumacher left an indelible mark on the Formula 1. Multiple victories and titles that will remain in the memory of fans of the motor world. However, there are some races that will always be remembered by everyone, such as the San Marino Grand Prix, on Imola 1996, when he reached the podium at the circuit Enzo and Dino Ferrari driving with three wheels.

This weekend there will be a race at the Italian circuit of Imola. That is why the official Formula 1 account recalled one of the most exciting races in recent times. The San Marino Grand Prix 1996. In its historical Ferrari, Schumacher gave a driving sample to all the fans and rivals who were there.

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Many fans and specialists say that that day, Schumacher became a legend for Ferrari. The relationship between the fans and the German was not the best, many questioned his signing. However, in 1996 all voices fell silent. Schumacher achieved a miraculous pole position with the Ferrari at Imola, and the next day it would be the same.

He started first, dominated in quite a few sections of the race, but a bad pit stop and a great performance from the Williams from Damon Hill made him lead the event with great advantage. Schumacher squeezed, but couldn’t reach it. A podium was a good result for Ferrari, especially in front of its audience, since it was not in a good moment.

Schumacher was second. With two laps to go, you could see how the number 1 Ferrari driven by the German gave off smoke from its right front wheel. The tire was not turning. However, ‘Schumi’ did not give up. He continued, with three wheels, achieving a miraculous podium and beginning to enter the great history of Ferrari.

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