Immense! Jan Blachowicz’s next opponent for the UFC Light Heavyweight title is here

Immense!  Jan Blachowicz's next opponent for the UFC Light Heavyweight title is here

In these hours, UFC confirmed the next big battle for Jan Blachowicz in the Semi-Heavy Weights. The Polish division champion has just beaten Israel Adesanya in five rounds, but now he will have a more important crossing. It comes Glover teixeira, the legendary and historic mixed martial artist from Brazil. The experienced one will find himself against the European talent, who wants a new defense. This will happen at UFC 266, on September 4.

The hopeful

That way, Teixeira He acknowledged days ago: «Blachowicz winning was great for me. Because if Adesanya wins, we wonder what will happen, if he will defend the 185 title first. Blachowicz He came up to me and said, ‘You’re next,’ so it was perfect. I made weight, I’m in shape, I was ready to fight, so it’s not like I still have to get in shape to fight him. Anything can happen, but of course.

Following in the footsteps of Jan Blachowicz ?: Michal Oleksiejczuk, the new Polish UFC star

“Logically, based on everything that is happening, this is my chance. I am very confident that I will be the next contender. Not just the next contender, I’ll be the next champion of UFC – 2021, bro. This is the year. I worked very hard in 2019 and 2020, opening a new gym in 2019, coming out of a loss, investing a lot of money without knowing what future it would hold for me, the future of my career, where I was going, if everything would turn out well, “he added.

Will he still have the belt in his possession?

After beating one of the best on the planet, the Polish champion also commented: “It was a tough fight, but a fair one. I just proved that I am the champion of this division. No one can with me. Because I have the legendary Polish power and when he feels it, he really feels it. After the first kick or the first punch, he knew what I am talking about when I speak of the legendary Polish power.

“It was hard to hit, but I thought it was going to be faster than it was. I knew I could knock him down, I’m bigger and stronger, I just had to wait for the best moment. I wanted to use my left hand more, put more pressure, I should have used my boxing more. If I had knocked him out, it would have been better, he’s one of the best. I would like the next challenger to be Glover texeira», Expressed Jan Blachowicz.

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