Manny Pacquiao and Foot Locker commercials while negotiating fight with Mayweather

Manny Pacquiao y los comerciales de Foot Locker mientras negociaba pelea con Mayweather

It took five years for the negotiations to take place for the fight between Manny pacquiao Y Floyd Mayweather, and went Foot locker, the sports shoe store, who took advantage of this situation with several commercials in which they played with the eternal negotiations.

The spot called The Week of Greatness Puts to Manny pacquiao celebrating that supposedly Mayweather, who is never mentioned, had agreed to make the fight. Or at least, that’s how the Filipino of two colleagues who train in the gym seems to hear it. However, in the commercial, Pacquiao listen bad. Actually they were talking about another it was not really, but they were talking about the campaign of Foot locker.

Pacquiao he stays celebrating in the ring while the first of the commercials is finished.

Later, Foot locker launched a second spot, where they explain that he misunderstood the first commercial. So what Mayweather He still didn’t say yes, since they weren’t talking about his fight against Floyd, and in this new commercial they tell him again that he has accepted, but that again it is a commercial for Foot Locker.

And then, Manny pacquiao he gets lost in that alternate reality, and he no longer knows if it was true or if it was just another commercial from Foot locker.

While that was going on, the people of Mayweather He wanted his rival to take blood tests before the weigh-in, but the Filipino refused to do them and each time the negotiations became more and more tense.

Until after long years they managed to agree on the fight that everyone was waiting for.

The Paquiao vs Mayweather fight finally arrived

Mayweather announced his return in May 2009 and began the pilgrimage of promoters to close the battle.

The negotiations could be serious in mid-2010, and in December 2014 an agreement was reached that the fight would take place on May 2, 2015.

Ultimately, the winner of the match was Money by unanimous decision. Dave moretti awarded him a score of 118-110, while Burt clements Y Glenn feldman They awarded him a score of 116-112.

  Pacquiao and Mayweather on the official poster.

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