MMA and boxing together? The part of the contract between Jake Paul and Ben Askren that left controversy

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Few hours ago, Jake paul released a controversy over his fight contract with Ben askren. The 23-year-old American fighter and youtuber made it clear that the ex-UFC will lose all the money in its purse, if it attempts a move of MMA in the contest this Saturday. Given that, the mixed martial artist turned to social networks to respond immediately, raising doubts.

After what the youtuber said in networks, Askren commented that this was “false”, sowing doubt in many fans of the boxing and the MMA. In that sense, it could be interpreted that the Mixed Martial Arts movements would not take away his money, if he tries one in the ring. For this reason, several fans of the vale todo hope that it can give a beating to the influencer.

Fire! Schedule, card and televising of the fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren

A few hours ago, a source from MMA Fighting acknowledged: “He does not automatically lose what is not in the contract and it is not true. Obviously, Ben He is an ex-fighter of MMA, so we will have a conversation with him in the locker room to notice that it is boxing and that there will be no demolitions. But in terms of penalties or whatever Jake said, nothing has been communicated to us. We will have a rules meeting with all the fighters individually before the fight.


I promise you that April 17 will be the worst day of your fucking life. Just as I asked Nate Robinson’s children not to watch the fight, I will ask their children not to do the same. So the sons of Ben askren, wife, please don’t watch this because your father will be bloody unconscious on the damn canvas on April 17th and I don’t want you to see that. You saw him get knocked out in five seconds by Masvidal, “he said. Jake paul few days ago.

Taking into account the above, and without mincing words, Ben askren He responded to the youtuber, whom he promises to knock out in the ring: “He’s trying to intimidate, but it wasn’t very intimidating. I spent the last decade of my life getting involved with those who are real killers. With four-ounce gloves that could kick me or knee me or elbow me or really do whatever they wanted. “

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