Not just Andy! Chris Arreola shows he’s lost weight too

Cambio físico de Chris Arreola

Chris arreola presumes an important physical change in the face of his fight against Andy ruiz next May 1 in Carson, California. Like the same Andy, Chris arreola He has also lost weight in his preparation.

“My priority is to be in the best possible shape to give a great battle to Andy ruiz and take that victory “, he commented Arreola for the channel Youtube from Michelle Joy Phelps. “This is what I do, I have no pressure, I had a hitting record in my last fight with (Adam) Kownackibut all the pressure is on Andy. He is the young man, the former champion. I just have to reach out and kick his ass “

In his last four bouts he stopped the scale between 239 and 246 pounds, falling to Deontay Wilder and the polish Adam kownacki, but he also obtained a couple of wins against Maurenzo smith Y Jean Pierre Agustin.

“Everyone is giving me up for dead, but I will show them that day that I have prepared in a great way,” he said. “If I win this fight and they don’t consider me as a contender for a world title, I won’t understand.”

Within its surprising physical change, changes are noted in the upper part of the body, as well as in the shoulders and neck. Like Andy Ruiz, also highlighted the great reduction in body fat.

“If I have gained more muscle and I have lost fat, I have done some weights, but I just want to be in great shape,” he confessed.

Andy Ruiz assured that he wants to go up for his fight against Chris arreola close to 250 pounds.

Not just Andy!  Chris Arreola shows he's lost weight too
Chris Arreola shows he’s lost weight too

“Now I’m in Andy’s shadow”

Chris arreola spoke of the reasons why he has not openly attacked Andy ruiz neither in his lectures nor interviews. And it is that he managed to do something that he could not do.

“I am in his shadow now, I see no need to speak ill of him or throw dirt at him, he did something that I could not achieve at the time so now I have to come and show that I can with him,” he added.

Arreola he also took time to recall his sparring sessions with a Ruiz very young, barely 17 years old. He ended up becoming his rival to beat over time.

“Many years ago we sparred and he was a chubby kid and I didn’t think it would turn into what he did,” he said. “You should never judge a boy by how he ever looked, he transformed and he did it with a big heart and tenacity to be a world champion.”

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