Outrageous Video: The Racist Attack That Shocks American Football

Outrageous Video: The Racist Attack That Shocks American Football

Once again, racism takes center stage in sport. This time it did not happen in any elite league, but the case has been around the world. A video of the team of football from Moline High School (school in the northwestern state of Illinois), in which you can see how some boys humiliate one of their classmates because of his skin color. The spread of the images has scandalized the United States and the world.

College football scandal

Leagues like NFL They have been great activists against racism in recent months, and after the scandal generated by the tragic death of Daunte Wright, a new racist controversy has emerged. In this case, it was a player of the team of football from Moline High School who was the victim of outrageous humiliation.

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The African-American boy, whose name was not released, was attacked by his teammates. They decorated his place in the dressing room with bananas, and forced him to sit in the place, threatening to “break his knees.” The joke in very bad taste ended up being expensive, since the images reached the local police who intervened immediately.

Police statement

“On the night of April 9, 2021, the Moline Police Department learned of a shocking viral video circulating on social media. The video showed a disturbing racist scene involving a soccer player. football from Moline High School in a locker room. All the athletes who were involved in the incident and the circumstances surrounding the video have already been identified ”were statements by Darren Gault, Chief of Police.

Having quickly intervened in the scene of racial abuse, the local authorities highlighted the terrible lack of values ​​that was in evidence with the viralization of the video. “Regardless of these facts, we all agree that this is a disgusting way to treat a teammate, a human being, and certainly a friend.”

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