“They are people who only see for their own good”: Canelo explains why he broke up with De La Hoya

Son personas que solo ven por el bien de ellos: Canelo explica por qué se dio su ruptura con De la Hoya

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez revealed the reasons for the breakup of his relationship with Oscar de la hoya Y Golden Boy Promotions which ended with the fighter’s lawsuit in 2020, and then the agreement for the release of the Guadalajara boxer.

A express question about whether the Canelo is disappointed in Oscar de la hoya, the promoter for most of his career, Saul answer yes.

At some point, yes, because they are people who only see for their own good, for their interest and they handle you that ‘I am your friend, we are family’, but it is never like that “, confessed the fighter from Guadalajara in an interview with Miguel Gurwitz from Telemundo. “We are loyal people, really, if we say something, that is, we are speaking, but unfortunately not all people are like that.”

For 2019, Canelo signed a historic 11-fight, $ 365 million deal with the streaming platform DAZN. Under that contract he fought against Rocky fielding, Daniel jacobs Y Sergey Kovalev, defeating all three.

However, in 2020 the problems began between both parties and Canelo filed a lawsuit in USA for $ 280 million in damages and free. Weeks after negotiation, he was released and the lawsuit was withdrawn.

On demand the Canelo argued that its promoter Golden boy had signed a contract with him, and another contract with DAZN. But what to DAZN, Golden boy I had promised him things that were not in the contract with him Canelo, and vice versa, to Canelo had offered him things of which DAZN he had no knowledge. In the end, with the demand the Canelo could cut the link with From the pot Y Golden boy, thus ending the break. Then he came back with DAZN, although without a long-term contract.

When asked if Oscar de la hoya the people of Golden boy he was manipulating him, the fighter explains his feelings.

“Not manipulating, rather they wanted to play different things on me, tell me one thing and it was another,” he said. Alvarez. “I realized that about three or four years ago, more or less. In fact, before signing with DAZN, I already had problems with them. He disagreed with many things they did. We did good things, we did a lot of fights together, and things happen because of something and each one on their own. God does things and puts everyone in their place. God is going to show me where I have to be ”.

In January 2014, Canelo signed his first contract with Golden boy for your confrontation against Alfredo Angulo. Since then he fought 12 times with the promoter of Oscar de la hoya.

According to a newspaper report Basketball court, one of the first problems he had Saul It was when he tested positive for clenbuterol in 2018, since the promoter would have made the adverse result public, without consulting the fighter. In the end, the Mexican was exonerated when it was found that it was due to an ingestion of meat.

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