Will it be Las Vegas? Joshua and Fury have already approved the venue for their first fight

Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury

Anthony Joshua Y Tyson fury have reached an agreement for the date and venue for the unification of the heavyweight belts, confirmed Eddie hearn, President of Matchroom.

“Both sides have approved the offer for the headquarters they want and now we are finalizing the agreement with the headquarters and we are in a great place,” he confessed Hearn in an interview with Behind The Gloves.

Hearn did not say which venue is that everyone agreed on because, after the approval of Joshua and of Fury, it is necessary to close the contract with that headquarters. Among the places that were managed during this negotiation process were Qatar, Saudi Arabia, England Y USA.

“It has been agreed by both sides and they will soon have a date and the official announcement,” he shared. Eddie hearn. “It is good to say that we already have the offer of that one, and that we all have approved it. We are moving forward, we are doing well ”.

Although different dates such as May or June were managed, or that it was delayed until the end of this year, everything seems to indicate that it will be in July when the combat takes place. It will not be delayed any longer.

“Hundred percent. That’s the thing, everyone wants the fight as quickly as possible, “he said. Hearn. “There is no option for this fight to be delayed at the end of this year and I have made that clear. The difficult thing is to secure the place for the world in which we live today, many people wanted to visit it in November, December. That is not available, it never was. What was available was a fight in the summer for the heavyweight belt. That is what they are going to have. Both fighters want two fights this year. One will be in summer and another in December ”.

During your visit by Las Vegas, Eddie Hearn he met with Tyson Fury.

“I saw Tyson yesterday, I texted him and said, ‘I’m in Vegas, I’m at your hotel “, revealed Hearn. “We saw each other for 5 or 10 minutes together and it was good, because I don’t represent Tyson furySo I don’t know what’s on her mind What he confirmed for me is that this is the only fight he wants and I know it’s the same with AJ. “

Las Vegas as the venue for Joshua vs. Fury?

On his visit to Las Vegas, both Eddie hearn What Tyson fury shared in their stories, almost at the same time, a photo of the Allegiant Stadium, the new house of the Raiders In Las Vegas.

Those posts in their Instagram Stories coincided with the announcement of Eddie hearn that the venue has already been approved. For the same reason, speculation was unleashed.

Could it be that they are both hinting that the first fight between Fury Y Joshua will be in the Allegiant stadium In Las Vegas?

Tyson Fury Instagram Story

Eddie Hearn's Instagram

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