Borja returned with a goal, Junior defeated Bolívar in Barranquilla and advanced to the group stage of Conmebol Libertadores

Borja returned with a goal, Junior defeated Bolívar in Barranquilla and advanced to the group stage of Conmebol Libertadores

Atlético Junior defeated Bolívar 3-0 at El Metropolitano from Barranquilla for the second leg of phase 3 of the Libertadores Cup 2021.

The Barranquilleros had a good start to the game and scored quickly to lead the victory and later stay with the 4-2 aggregate. Just at minute 3 Junior warned of his intentions in attack, Teófilo Gutiérrez touched for Miguel Ángel Borja, who later finished creeping and crossed, but the ball was deflected close to the left vertical defended by Javier Rojas

The visit did not want to be left behind and responded in minute 5 with a shot from Erwin Saavedra that was deflected over the goal of Sebastián Viera.

The rojiblancos goal scorer Migue Ángel Borja, who was out of court for almost twenty days due to a muscle injury in the right abductor, was the author of the goal of the junior victory. In the 12th minute, after receiving a perfect cross from the left from Freddy Hinestroza, Borja appeared inside the area and headed alone almost under the arc for the 1-0.

After the annotation Junior seemed to be conformist and took his foot off the accelerator, the locals did not insist or press again as in the first minutes and protecting themselves they gave responsibilities to Bolívar.

Already in the second half, the possession of the ball and the offensive intentions were at the start of the visitors. At minute 59 Alex Granell took a free kick that sent Sebastián Viera flying, who deflected the ball in a spectacular way.

Then at 66 Justiniano returned to finish dangerously on Junior’s goal, but the ball went off again, however, the game cooled down for the Bolivians after the expulsion at minute 69 of Leonardo Ramos, who attacked Didier Moreno when the ball was not even moving.

With the numerical superiority Junior resumed the idea of ​​going on the attack and at 77 Carmelo Valencia in a heads up was not able to score against Rojas, who was very safe with his hands and throwing himself on the floor he saved.

However, the second of the Sharks reached 81 after a goal from Pajoy who with power defeated Bolívar’s portico for the second time. Despite being with one less player, Bolívar tried until the end and at minute 90 Didier Moreno avoided an own goal by Viáfara in the last line. At 96 Hinestroza finished the game with 3-0 after a lethal counterattack commanded by Fuentes.

After the Junior classification he entered Group D of the Libertadores along with River Plate, Santa Fe and Fluminense.

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