“Boxing is a dirty business, but I will continue in boxing,” says Deontay Wilder.

Deontay Wilder

The withdrawal of Deontay Wilder He commented that boxing is a dirty business, but he will continue with that work. Therefore, at least in recent times, his retirement is ruled out.

“It has a lot to do with how boxing is handled,” he confessed. WIlder to podcast We Might Need Counseling. “This is a very dirty business, friends.”

It was rumored that Wilder He could retire after his knockout loss against Tyson fury in February 2020. Since then he has not shown that he has trained and has made some controversial statements, even against people on his team.

However, he affirmed that his passion for the sport that he has been practicing since 2008 motivates him to keep going, despite the fact that in recent months he has been seen sharing material on social networks enjoying alcohol and parties.

“I will continue for a simple reason, I love him, I am in love with boxing, but believe me that sometimes it is difficult to come back for the money,” he said. “Sometimes desperate times look for desperate solutions. I have loved him and will continue to do so to show my greatness in boxing. There are many things I want to do, but politics in certain situations play a big role. “

Deontay Wilder analyzes rivals for his return to activity

Within the possibilities of Wilder to return to the ring in 2021 he appears as a candidate Andy Ruiz as long as it is forcefully imposed against Chris arreola next May 1.

Also another who has insisted too much on running into it is Dillian whyte, who in recent weeks defeated Alexander Povetkin to become the interim heavyweight champion of the CMB.

However, Wilder He assured that the circumstances around the fight are what have him a bit annoyed with the boxing environment.

“Promoters, managers, there are certain people who do not want to fight with others because they have other plans for their fighters, there are many circumstances beyond a fight,” he considered. “Some people will say it’s just a business, but it’s really juicy when you’re making money. I imagine everyone is happy when they are making money ”.

Finally. World Boxing News revealed that in the coming weeks there could be a major announcement of Deontay Wilder, who could expect the result of Arreola-Ruíz to reveal his return.

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