Central Córdoba (Santiago del Estero) vs. River Plate – Game Report – April 16, 2021

Central Córdoba (Santiago del Estero) vs.  River Plate - Game Report - April 16, 2021

(ESPN.com) – River defeated Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero as a visitor by 5 to 0, and added three fundamental points thinking about qualifying for the quarterfinals of the Professional League Cup.

In this way, the Millionaire adds 18 points, is second in Zone 1, two points behind Colón, who will play on Sunday, and was close to advancing to the final phase of the tournament.

Students, Racing and Central (the Scoundrels with the same games as River) follow him with 15 units.

Marcelo Gallardo, forced to change due to the absence of Nicolás de la Cruz, decided on the entry of the youthful Santiago Simón in the midfield.

The rest of the team was the same that last week appeared at the Monumental against Colón, in the 3-2 victory.

The first half of the game was even. Central Córdoba was well planted in those initial 45 minutes, with a short team that pressed the midfield well, recovered the ball and managed to make the rival uncomfortable.

There were no surplus goal situations, and the goalkeepers had almost no participation. Gallardo’s men sought as always, pressing in the rival field, and betting on the rises of the sides to open the spaces.

But the searches for Borré, Beltrán or Julián Alvarez, the three forwards put on the court by DT, did not reach their destination. On the other side, the Railroad, bet on his scorer Milton Giménez or Leonardo Sequeira to try to disturb Franco Armani.

The first half was going, and about the hour a bad rejection from Dixon Renteria allowed River to have the last ball through a corner kick. From that center, at 46 minutes, Angileri’s header came to go to the dressing room 1 to 0.

It was a goal that hit hard at the premises, which had played a good game. Already in the complement, the millionaire scored again when they were just five minutes, after a center by Julián Alvarez that Borré connected for 2 to 0, with a goal below the typical goal of the Colombian.

Between the end of the first half and the beginning of the second, River resolved a game that was difficult for him. It is known, when the millionaire manages to open the lock proposed by rivals and has more spaces and tranquility to define, it is fearsome.

If the first millionaire goal hurt in the first, the second was a blow to the local. And River began to play as it does when the rival is beaten. Without forgiving.

With everything resolved, Gallardo began to make changes thinking about preserving some players for next week’s debut against Fluminense, at the start of the Copa Libertadores. Maidana, Casco, Carrascal, Paradela and Girotti entered.

At 20, José Paradela scored the 3-0 after a cross from the right (his first goal with River’s jacket), and two minutes later Borré scored the fourth. It was all for the visitor, and he only needed to know how many more goals he was going to score until the end of the game. The 5 to 0 came with the newly admitted Girotti, at 36 minutes.

Without a doubt, the Santiago del Estero stadium is a place where River feels comfortable. There, on March 4, they also beat Racing 5-0 in the final of the Argentine Super Cup. In a similar match, where he demolished the Academy in the second half.

Central Córdoba, without its DT, Sapito Coleoni, and three other players of the team who were infected with COVID, could only resist until the end of the first stage. River demonstrated the qualities and the voracity of always, a few days before the cupbearer’s debut, where with this level he will undoubtedly be a candidate again.

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