It is official that Brian Castaño will unify with Jermell Charlo and celebrate it by training

Es oficial que Brian Castaño unificará con Jermell Charlo y lo festeja entrenando

It’s official! Brian Brown unify world middleweight titles with Jermell charlo, and celebrated the news showing that he is more than ready.

With poise and complete confidence, Chestnut disintegrated Patrick Teixeira and took the scepter of the OMB in super welterweight, and immediately, the Argentine jumps to a maximum challenge, the unification of the four titles of the category against Jermell Charlo.

After such a magnificent achievement, as soon as he returned to his country, The Boxi clarified that he was going for the three belts that are in possession of Jermell.

“I am happy, happy. It was given to us, ”said the Buenos Aires boxer in an interview with TyC Sports. “It was very hard. It was six months of hard work and here we are. Thank God it was given to us. We keep adding. Two-time world champion, very few do. It was given to us, and doors are opened to us for important things. We are waiting for that, at the end of the year ”.

“We want to fight with (Jermell) Charlo, to try to have the 4 belts “, sentenced the monarch of the OMB. “I want to be the first Argentine and the first Latino to unify.”

Finally, months after said declaration, it was confirmed that Brian Brown will unify championships against Jermell charlo. The date passed for the confrontation is next July 17.

Chestnut he already trains in the gym of Manny robles, and it was even recorded while doing some exercises. Work of strength, precision, and speed of hitting with a heavy bag were some of those practiced by the Buenos Aires native.

To the Boxi it was noticed in its entirety in the recordings. He has what to face his new challenge, and even get excited about taking down the lethal monster that he will have in the other corner.

In addition, once his routine was over, the Argentine boxer looked for an attractive briefcase that he hid under a table. Opening it, he smiled at the camera, and showed his precious gimmick: The 154-pound belt in his version of the World Boxing Organization.

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