Jorge Bermúdez: “I see it possible for Cavani to come to Boca”

Jorge Bermúdez: "I see it possible for Cavani to come to Boca"

Jorge Bermúdez, a member of the Xeneize Soccer Council, confided this Friday that he sees “it possible for Cavani to come to Boca”, but clarified that for that to take place, “a lot depends on him.”

In a radio interview with the “Super Miter” program, the Colombian assured that the leadership will do everything possible to have “the squad have the level to be able to compete to the maximum” and, specifically on the situation of the Uruguayan from Manchester United, he detailed: ” I think Cavani is clear that he is loved and respected here, and that it would be a pleasure to have him with the Boca jersey, but there is much that depends on him. “

“I see it possible that Cavani comes to Boca. Human beings have principles and sometimes the family theme is strong and I hope that a large part of that final decision will come to stay close to his own,” he closed the topic.

Cavani is on loan at Manchester United until June this year. The English club has already offered him a new contract, but the forward would only answer him next month and, in part, that is because he is evaluating his return to South America.

On the other hand, Bermúdez clarified that they never thought of removing Miguel Ángel Russ from the position of coach: “For the Football Council, the continuity of Miguel Russo was never in doubt in recent times. He was never in doubt beyond the fact that there were moments good and less good “.

“I am surprised when they tell me that there is no dialogue when we talk with the coach every day. If the differences exist in the groups, they have always settled talking, but even that never happened here.”

On the other hand, he clarified: “We talk about football all the time, Miguel Russo, even comes and thinks about any number of football things, but our opinions are not authoritarian or obligations for the coach.”

ABOUT CARLOS TEVEZ: “Carlitos with Guillermo did not play even 50% of the games he has played in this stage, nor did he play even 30% in the stage with Alfaro. We respect him and make him feel good at our club and he knows that We appreciate it, “he said.

“Every day I cross Tevez I greet him. Above all of us is the institution. Every day he is professed the necessary respect so that he goes out on the field and enjoys until the last day and as long as he wants what he does. “.

CRISTIAN PAVÓN: “On the subject of Pavón things have been said that are not. We met three times with him. It is not the Council that decides whether to stay or not, it is the player”,

THE DEPARTURE OF WANCHOPE ÁBILA: “I believe that if Boca lacks a goal it does not depend exclusively on the nine, it is not the only one responsible.”


“The soccer manager does not play soccer. Many people speak today about the Soccer Council with the obligation of things that we do not handle. We do not go into the locker room to draw lineups or tell the player what to do.”

“I see that everyone says that Boca is wrong, and is the two-time champion and I don’t want to imagine what the other clubs will think.”

“We understand that this is Boca, that the rating goes up if they talk about Boca. We understand the game of the media, but we do not understand that they invent to do harm.”

“It hurts us when it is said from the outside that there is no communication or that they come out to say that we do not know the voice of the players. A bad atmosphere is sold that does not exist here,” he said.

“It seems that today the Soccer Council is to blame for everything.”

“Pergolini did not resign for the Soccer Council. We have the best relationship with Mario. We in the Council all we did is always collaborate.”

“If Pergolini had an idea, it is not an idea that has fallen to us as an obligation, nor have we ever imposed anything on him. You think that’s why Mario left, but not me.”

“Pergolini’s relationship with Riquelme was from vice president to vice president, with tremendous respect. Neither Roman went into places he did not know, nor did I see Mario overwhelming Roman.”

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