Ronald Koeman: “It’s a Final and you have to win it, the rest doesn’t count”

Ronald Koeman: "It's a Final and you have to win it, the rest doesn't count"

BARCELONA – Ronald Koeman announced this Friday that Gerard Piqué could be part of Barcelona’s eleven in the Cup final against Athletic, revealed that his team is “ready” for the match and, realizing that the situation “is not the same “that when both teams met in the Super Cup, he made it clear that above systems and approaches” we always think about attacking “, revealing the importance of” knowing how to play without the ball “and admitting that” there are no secrets between the two teams afterwards having played three times this season. “

These were the most outstanding phrases of the Barcelona coach before the final this Saturday.


“The two teams have suffered a lot to reach this final; we know that Athletic is a very competitive team and it will be the fourth time we play this year. They beat us in the extra time of the Super Cup and we in both of the League, but the situation is different now. “

“Since we lost the final of the Super Cup we have improved. You have to see the situation we were in in January and now … We chained 19 league games without losing until last week, when we lost an important one.”

“Our approach is always the same, whether with three or four defenders, because we want to dominate the game and create chances. And when we lose the ball we are very well positioned to recover it. The system is not what is important, but energy and being able to score. the differences”.

“There are not many secrets when you have played three times with the same opponent in a short time. We know the players and the systems, they are fighters and strong in set pieces. We have to be better defensively positioned when we lose the ball, better than last week against Madrid “.

“You don’t have to motivate the players before a final. They already know what they have to do, but you have to put a lot of energy into the game. In the last two games we have lost a little energy without the ball, perhaps after the national teams. , but it is not an excuse for this final “.

“We need all the players to be well tomorrow. There are several players with a lot of experience playing and winning many finals. That should be a help for the youngsters, who must learn from the lost final of the Super Cup.”

“We always attack with many players, but you have to think about what happens when we lose the ball and to be well placed. To be hungry to attack if the organization in defense is well done because we always have many players ahead of the ball” .

“Set pieces are a force for Athletic, they are strong in that regard and we must not make useless fouls in danger zones. We have to learn from the experience of the games we have played against them.”


“Laporta has already shown me his confidence and every time something comes out in the press it is not necessary for the president to come out to give me his confidence in public. I know that I am in the club and now what we have is a final and we have to winning it, the rest does not count. “

“That after 19 league games in a row without losing they ask you about your continuity for having been defeated in one shows the pressure that exists in this club. It is rare to have to answer these types of questions … If I win I know what it can happen and if I lose, too, but it is strange to always answer these questions “.

“I cannot compare the final that I played as a player in 1990 with this one as a coach … Then I was one of the 20 players and now I am responsible for everything. Maybe the moment is similar because it took us a lot to get here.”


“Piqué is much better. He was already called up for the Madrid game but he was very fair … Now he has trained all week well and he can play tomorrow without problems.”

“I don’t see Messi particularly motivated … He is a great player, a great professional who always wants to do his best and knows how to prepare for all the important games. He, like all winners, will do his best to win the Cup” .

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