The best in history? Marc Márquez expanded his legend on his return to MotoGP

Marc Márquez

The discussion about the best pilot in the history of MotoGP seems to have started this Friday. All or the vast majority name Valentino rossi as indicated (or Giacomo Agostini by their titles). However, this Friday Marc Márquez put his name among the largest in the category. After a fantastic comeback, the Spaniard made it clear that he was back to win.

Nine months of waiting made Marc Márquez’s hunger and desire to compete begin to grow little by little. After the humerus fracture he suffered in 2020, which caused him to lose the entire season, many doubted the way in which he would return to the maximum competition. However, Márquez buried all the unknowns.

Pol Espargaró’s funny advice to Marc Márquez on his return: “Don’t run fast”

Only 14 laps took No. 93 to pick up the pace of the leaders. With a difficult track, the task was not easy. However, it was less than three tenths of the pointer that in the first session was Maverick Viñales. In the second batch, he did a fantastic job again. He was sixth and so far he is qualifying for Saturday’s qualifying fight.

The physical problems were not such for the eight times World Champion. The shoulder seems to have responded very well to the demands made by the Spaniard and his mental strength stood out from the rest of the drivers. Not only did he go to the limit, but he had no flaws in his driving. Márquez did not run the risk of a fall, which will come at some point, in any curve of the circuit.


Speed ​​and mindset are already in check. Márquez is as if he had not abandoned the activity. However, there is a test that you will have to face in the next sessions, or races. The falls. His arm responded, but he still has to face some blow (which fortunately has not happened yet), to check the results of the treatments. This Saturday, it will be key to Márquez’s expectations in the race.

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