“This fight is not only for the money, but for the glory”: Castaño talks about Charlo

Brian Carlos Castaño

Brian Carlos Castaño assured that the fight against Jermell charlo, in which they will unify the super welterweight belts on July 17, it will be “for glory” and he said he already knows him very well.

“I have studied it well, as I suppose he has been doing the same thing,” he said to Eco Medios.com. “I am not going to tell you now how I imagine the fight, it would not be smart or opportune. What I do want to say is that I am very happy that it can be done soon … This fight is not only for the money, but for the glory.

Chestnut became the 154-pound monarch for the OMB on February 13 of this year, when he dominated the Brazilian Patrick Teixeira e 12 rounds. In combat he never stopped going forward and Patrick He never found a way to counter it. In the end, the unanimous decision was taken by the Argentine by cards of 119-109, 120-108 and 117-111.

“As far as I know, in recent years there was no unified Argentine champion of all entities. That is what I intend to achieve and I hope so. Money is important, of course, but there are things that, like sporting glory, are worth much more ”, he considered.

Castaño analyzes his possibilities against Charlo

Jermell comes from defeating Jeison Rosario in September 2020, defending for the first time the 154-pound belt of the CMB. In that fight he snatched the scepters of the same category of the AMB Y FIB, The same that will be at stake the following July 17.

“I know it is winnable, I know it and I have studied it,” he said. “It will not be easy. Remember that I have wanted that fight for a long time, I want this fight because it means glory. I know that I am in a position to beat him, because it will be a great night for me and for Argentine boxing ”.

Jermell charlo You already know what defeat is, when in December 2018, he was defeated by Tony harrison By unanimous decision by cards of 113-115, 113-115 and 112-116.

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