Torreira: “There is nothing better than wearing the shirt of your country”

Torreira: "There is nothing better than wearing the shirt of your country"

Lucas Torreira, Atletico Madrid footballer, gave an interview on the Youtube “Bulos Profile” in which he spoke about various stages of his career and life. The flyer spoke of his relationship with his compatriots in the Colchonero team and also mentioned that they get along very well with the Uruguayans of Getafe, a team from the autonomous community of Madrid.

Torreira was consulted about the Uruguayan way of being and said that they tend to be very close and seek to help each other. He said that when he arrived at Atlético he had no place to stay, since the club had given him a hotel room, but the COVID-19 pandemic complicated everything so one of the Celeste players came to his aid. “Josema Giménez was alone in a house and he told me to go with him. I spent almost a month living with him, they are things that do you good when you join a new team. It also happened on my birthday that I was alone because my family had gone to Uruguay, I told Luis Suárez that I was going to spend my birthday alone and he had the idea of ​​taking me home with colleagues from Getafe who have a very good relationship and we spent a nice day. They are things that make a difference, I really appreciate the gesture, “he said.

The fraybentino also spoke about his love for mate, a faithful companion in each country in which he played. He said that when he arrived in London to play for Arsenal, they looked at him in surprise. “I had brought the matte all personalized and they saw me arrive every day with it and they looked at me as if to say ‘what does this bring?'” Said Torreira. He said that he shared a dressing room with many Argentines and only saw one of them bring the mate to training, goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez, his great buddy in the English team, and current Aston Villa footballer.

Torreira continued talking about what it is to be Uruguayan and the differences with Argentines and he spoke about the Uruguayan National Team and highlighted it as the best a footballer can feel. “For us there is nothing better than wearing the shirt of your country, regardless of the competition. Every time we wear the Celeste it is something very nice. We feel proud, as Maestro Tabárez often says, we are representing our family, friends and there are three million pending of that match and we feel responsible for the happiness of all Uruguayans when we have to play ”, commented.

In addition, he made another mention of the technical director of the Uruguayan team and mentioned that “he is someone who trains or educates people, prioritizes the image of the player, maintains an order in the Celeste Complex that makes for a very healthy environment and that is felt every time you go in ”.

Torreira did not escape the topic that has grabbed the most headlines in recent weeks and is his possible arrival in Boca. “I have always longed for it. My idea is very clear to me, it is what I want to do at this moment. I do not know if it is a decision or a gesture of life, it is to be close to my family, especially to accompany my father who is the one who is suffering the most with the death of my mother. The last two seasons in Europe I did not have a very good time, I have had a lot of problems because when you are training or in a game you try to be with a smile and around there people think that everything is fine and it is not like that. I hope the possibility is given, I know it is not easy ”, explained.

His passion for Boca Juniors dates back to his childhood and he said that he would like to arrive at Xeneize right now while he is in good shape and with the club at stake. “I wish I could be there and make the fans happy. Since the first time I said that I am from the club they have behaved very well with me and it is good to receive the affection of the fans ”, he commented.

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