Tremendous: Did Marc Márquez think about retirement after his injury?

Marc Márquez

This Friday, Marc Márquez got back on his Sling from MotoGP and it showed why he is one of the best drivers in history. The Spanish went out to the first round of training and in just 13 laps, he placed third (It was first a few seconds). However, many doubted the physical and mental state of Márquez, even the pilot himself.

At the press conference prior to Grand Prix of Portugal, Márquez spoke to the media in his first race since his injury in 2020. There, the Spaniard commented on how he went through these nine months of waiting to be able to return and even hinted that he thought he would not return to activity when everything went wrong. However, and fortunately, Márquez is back in the World Cup.

Video: the exciting reunion of Marc Márquez with his team


To begin with the conference, Márquez showed his happiness by being back on the circuit after nine months. “It’s great to be with all of you. The truth is that I am nervous, with butterflies in my stomach. It is time to enjoy again. They told me not to forget that I had no goal in this race. I will not be the same Marc, I need time, I’m still in rehabilitation, “he said.

Did you think about retirement?

Although he did not express it forcefully, Márquez hinted that he thought about the chance of not running again after last year’s injury. «It has been a very difficult nine months, with doubts if I would ride the bike again or if he had a normal arm, it was very hard. I have always maintained optimism, it is what has helped me the most. The people around me helped me stay motivated and keep up with the goal, “he added.

How it arrives?

To close, Márquez made it clear that he still does not know what the final result of this weekend is, since it will go step by step in the Grand Prix. “I can not answer. The first goal is to be prepared. It’s true that me and the team want to know how my arm and body will react to the whole weekend. In Qatar I was more towards yes than no, but as there was no unanimous decision, we opted for no, “he confirmed.

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