Bombshell: Dani Pedrosa very close to returning to MotoGP

Bombshell: Dani Pedrosa very close to returning to MotoGP

In the last hours some statements from the sports chief of KTM that shook the entire paddock of MotoGP. According to his words, Dani Pedrosa I would be very close to returning to an official Grand Prix. Pit beirer He spoke with the medium ‘The Race’ and confirmed that the return of the Spanish pilot is in the plans for this season.

Dani Pedrosa is one of the most important idols in the MotoGP paddock. Although he never achieved a title in the highest category, he has two World Championships in his possession. One in Moto3 and two in Moto2. The first of them was in 2003, in the lowest of the categories, while in the intermediate division it obtained the crowns of 2004 and 2005.

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After three MotoGP runner-ups, and a poor 2018 season, Dani Pedrosa had made the decision to withdraw from official competition to become a test rider for the KTM brand. There, the Spanish had a fundamental job, which culminated in the first victory of the Austrians, led by Brad binder, in the 2020 season.

However, the team boss, Pit Beirer, surprised everyone after announcing that he is planning to have Dani Pedrosa for a handful of races this year, or perhaps give him the chance to compete next season with them. . Although there is still nothing concrete, the possibility of seeing Pedrosa again on the most important circuits is a reality.

Pit beirer

You can feel that there is slowly a choice with Dani. He hasn’t said yes and you can’t push him, but I feel like the new bike for next year is getting better and better. He also thought that he might be interested in making a ‘Wild Card’ (Invitation) with us ”, confirmed Beirer to the medium ‘The Race’ a few hours ago.

Source: Official Twitter Dani Pedrosa

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