Can’t believe it: Marc Márquez had a great comeback and is hopeful with pole

Marc Márquez

This Friday the most anticipated return by the fans of MotoGP. Marc Márquez got back on his Sling after nine months of absence due to injury and he did it in a great way. In both practice sessions, Márquez was in the top ten, and his physical condition responded greatly. The Spanish assured that he can not believe the performance he has in his return to the competition.

After the two free practice sessions, Márquez spoke to the press. There he answered all the doubts about his physical state to the present media and made it clear that he is still not 100%, despite the results obtained. A smiling Márquez could be seen after the rounds, something rarely seen in him. Going back to racing was the biggest news of his career.

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Physical state

The pilot of Repsol Honda made it clear that he still needs to find his best physical condition. «At the bone level I am fine. That’s why I’m here. At the muscular level, especially the shoulder, is where I am suffering. It’s a shoulder that I had surgery on a year ago. The inactivity of all this time has not helped that. I had and perhaps have a bit of capsulitis, discomfort in the shoulder that is completely unrelated to the arm, “he confirmed.


On the other hand, the eight-time champion was surprised by the results, quite the opposite of his rivals, who confirmed that Márquez is above the rest. “Maybe they don’t, but I was surprised at how I started. Especially the feeling on the bike. I was surprised when I saw myself close. It is not the priority, but it makes you see the level where you start after nine months.


Finally, the Spaniard commented on the reason why he got off the bike with a big smile, something that excited the fans. “I laughed because I told (the mechanics) that this bike was easier than the street bike. I have felt more comfortable. Then when he arrived and you saw yourself close to the first, a smile would come out because you think ‘what am I doing here?’

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