Former british champion gives his reasons why Anthony Joshua will beat Tyson Fury

David Haye y Anthony Joshua

David haye, former British champion in the complete division for the AMB, revealed his reasons why he believes that Anthony Joshua you will have no trouble beating Tyson fury.

“The most skilled boxer is not always the one who wins,” he said. Haye in order to Sky Sports. “What happens then with the boxer who has more speed, endurance and a suitable strategy can take the fight. There are a million reasons to win a match that people ignore beyond skill. “

Haye He said the surprising defeat he suffered AJ in view of Andy Ruiz It left him an important lesson in his career and that prompted him to prepare harder, to later take the revenge and then return to the top of the heavyweights.

“His defeat with Ruiz It left him a valuable lesson about not losing the ground and keeping his feet off the ground ”, considered the former British champion who finished his career with a 28-4 record. “Joshua It has proven that a tough defeat forces you to change your mentality ”.

Likewise, Haye thrashed Tyson fury and assured that he feels in the clouds after beating Wilder and that mindset could be your biggest enemy to fight with AJ.

Fury feels invincible after beating WIlder on Las Vegas”, He pointed David. “He is flying too high. For good reason, if I were him, I wouldn’t fully feel like no one could beat me. I think he’s already a fighter in his final state and Joshua keep learning. Fury He has been celebrating for a long time ”.

Physical for Joshua, abilities for Fury

Finally, he stated that the physical conditions of Anthony Joshua make him a stronger candidate, despite the fact that many people say that the boxing conditions of Fury they are superior.

Joshua it is physically much better, if they did any other sport than boxing, I would win without problems ”, he mentioned. “In terms of physical and mental preparation, as well as dedication for a fight, I think AJ he has something to gain from ”.

The fight between both champions of the heavyweight division does not have an official date yet, but it seems that it is a matter of days before the agreement to unify the belts is finally closed.

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