Is today! Jake Paul is confident he will turn off Ben Askren’s lights

Is today!  Jake Paul is confident he will turn off Ben Askren's lights

The 23-year-old boxer and youtuber, Jake paul, admits that he is going to liquidate Ben askren this saturday night The aforementioned left a forceful message for the former Mixed Martial Arts star, with whom he will face in the ring. While he has long sought to intimidate UFC fighters, this time he went further and summed up what he will do to the former ONE Championship champion.

In that sense, Paul He began by explaining: “It is a dangerous sport. That is why when people question my dedication, I show up every day, I am risking my sanity, my brain is at stake. I went and had brain scans and I have the first signs of CTE, but I love this sport and would not trade it for anything else. I am a fighter and people will see it.

Fire! Schedule, card and televising of the fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren

Either after Saturday night or a year from now, they will see that I am a fighter. I use it all as gasoline in the gas tank to work harder every day. I know coming into this fight and I know that for the last three fights, everyone wanted to see Jake Paul lose. That’s why I work so hard every day, I surround myself with the best team and I take it so seriously. Because this fight is everything, “he commented.

Wants to be the king

At the same time, Jake He mentioned: “Losing is not an option, literally. It’s just not an option in my head. It’s not going to happen. I have tried my best and that is why I am confident in my ability and I am confident that I will be victorious. I don’t care, but I think people will make a lot of excuses for him afterward, which is great. Like again, I mention Floyd Mayweather but Floyd’s 50-0 and people still debate why it shouldn’t be 50-0.

“I shouldn’t have won this fight, I shouldn’t have won that. fight, chose the easy fight here. Then people will always have excuses. It’s part of the game. But then again, that’s why they’re going to tune in to the next pay-per-view after I fight Ben to try and watch me lose. I don’t really care at all and yeah Ben He is the first professional wrestler that I face in a real fight, “he concluded. Jake paul.

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