Lionel Messi: “It’s a very special Cup”

Lionel Messi: "It's a very special Cup"

Leo Messi was the spitting image of happiness at the end of the Cup final. His first title as captain of Barcelona, ​​”the club of my life”, he celebrated with unleashed joy and claimed to feel “a lot of happiness. It was a Copa del Rey is very hard for us, in which we suffered a lot in the qualifying rounds and it is very nice for this group. We are very happy because we deserved this joy. “

“It is a very special Cup, yes. It is special to be the captain of this club in which I have lived all my life and it is a title that I feel in a different way,” said the Barça captain, who explained that the team entered the game with great awareness : “We knew that Athletic always played a very close 4-4-2 and going against the odds very quickly. We had the necessary patience, playing from one side to the other, moving the ball well and then, in the second half, they noticed fatigue, we put one more gear and we won well. “

Messi acknowledged that it was a “different” final due to the absence of fans and agreed that “it is very rare to celebrate a victory without ours. Without friends, without family, without fans … But it is our turn for the situation that exists “, stating that” surely everyone from home enjoyed it because it has been a difficult year and we needed such joy “.

And from here? “Now we enjoy the Copa del Rey and we will continue fighting for the League,” said the Argentine star, who warned that this is “a different year, of transition with the presence of young players. It was difficult for us to start the year although we played good games but We lost points and games due to innocence and lack of experience, but little by little the team became strong and we got into the fight for the League because Atlético lost points and that is why we are going to fight. “

“It was a shame to lose the Classical but we are in the fight and we will fight for the League until the end”, declared Messi, closing with the same smile and joy. “It is a special Cup. A lot” he proclaimed.

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