«Much pain»: Jorge Martín’s message after his tremendous accident

Jorge Martín

Jorge Martin had one of the most spectacular accidents of the 2021 season of MotoGP. This morning, the Spanish starred in a very hard blow that caused severe trauma. Many were scared when they saw the images of the pilot of Ducati pramac flying through the air. After being reviewed by doctors, Martin wrote a message on Twitter: «Much pain«, Expressed the Spanish.

The third session of free practice was interrupted by the red flag after Jorge Martín crashed on one of the fastest corners of the Portuguese track. The Spanish suffered several bruises on his body and was taken by ambulance after the strong blow. In his social networks, the pilot brought peace of mind to his followers, despite the fact that he will not be able to race tomorrow.

Video: Chilling accident in MotoGP

When he was checked in the Mobile Clinic of the circuit Portimao, the doctors in the category decided to declare Pramac unfit to compete. After this diagnosis, the pilot was transferred to a highly complex hospital where strong blows to his arm, legs and head were detected. On his Twitter account, Martín told how he feels.

«It was not my best day, you can trust me. Much pain but I am a Martinator. See you soon, MotoGP », wrote the Spanish rider on his Twitter account. Along with this post, the Pramac pilot uploaded a photo that scared some. Martín is admitted to the hospital after his accident and can be seen with many bandages on his right arm.

Won’t run tomorrow

After the diagnosis, Martín was ruled out for the race this Sunday. The Pramac team will not be able to replace their driver for the final test and in case they want to, the structure may not carry someone for the next race. Despite this, it is expected that Martín can be next week in the circuit of Sherry, to dispute the Spanish Grand Prix.

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