Will you face charges? News on the accusation against Conor McGreogr for sexual assault

Will you face charges?  News on the accusation against Conor McGreogr for sexual assault

Last September, in Corsica, Conor mcgregor was denounced for attempting to sexual assault. After that, social media erupted against the former UFC Lightweight champion, who has had several personal problems since he rose to fame early in the last decade. Being married with two children, he himself was highly criticized for this accusation.

After what happened, they ruled that the present process does not justify any criminal process. According to reports, this would be the case because “the facts or the circumstances surrounding the proceedings could not have been clearly established by the investigations.” Furthermore, “the evidence, therefore, is not sufficient for the crime to be constituted and the criminal prosecution to begin.”

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Karen Kessler, a spokeswoman for Conor, elaborated: “The French authorities carried out a criminal investigation. They collected DNA and the DNA evidence confirmed McGregor’s version. Audie Attar, McGregor’s manager, said in the last hours: “I am furious and I make a strong and clear warning: Conor mcgregor it is not and will not be a target for those looking to get a headline or payday. ‘

Other accusations

Analyzing what the Irish network RTE confirmed, in the previous of their fight with Dustin Poirier in January, the lawyers of two women appeared before the High Court of Dublin to accuse Conor mcgregor for causing them physical personal injury. At first, everything was under summary secrecy. But, shortly after, they expressed what happened.

The Irishman was the protagonist of an unfortunate event outside the Octagon a few months ago, after a viral video. The former UFC champion hit an elderly man for no reason inside a bar. After offering this person a drink, he received a “no” response and his action was truly unusual. Immediately, the fighter applied a strong and unexpected blow to his face.

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