Win clear, but do not fall in love: Demetrius Andrade takes a comfortable decision over Liam Williams

Gana claro, pero no enamora: Demetrius Andrade se lleva holgada decisión sobre Liam Williams

In the purest style of Demetrius Andrade, in a tangled, intermittent and constantly struggling fight, he defeated Liam williams by unanimous decision on Saturday in Hollywood, Florida.

Demetrius Andrade he’s had trouble getting good fights because his style is labyrinthine, intermittent. It is Whitakersco, undoubtedly talented, but with far fewer flashes of lucidity than he had Pernell, and that has led him to marginal fights in the divisions in which he has served.

And on Saturday, before Liam williams, did not do much to change that perception. But at the beginning of the fight, it seemed so. The middleweight champion of the OMB He came out to stand in the center of the ring to drop his hands with explosiveness. And found open targets in Liam williams.

In the first three rounds, Demetrius Andrade he busied himself in throwing punches, and not in struggling so much, in hugging, in cutting the pace of the fight. And it paid off. In each of the first three rounds he shook Williams, and in the second he threw it away. It was with a classic one-two combination, opening with the right and finishing with the left on the chin of Williams, which went to the canvas.

It seemed that Demetrius Andrade he was determined to change that image of a tangled and anticlimactic fighter, to become a boxer-puncher in the center of the ring. And it also seemed that he would soon liquidate Williams.

Liam williams recovered, but at the slightest attempt by the Englishman to pressure, Demetrius Andrade he was reverting to his traditional style of walking, tangling, hugging, bumping, knocking over.

Williams, with his totally frontal style, he overwhelmed Andrade, but beyond that, the Englishman was rarely able to collect points for that harassment. He lacked the extra spark, the forceful blow that gave him the advantage in the eyes of the judges.

AndradeOn the contrary, within his intermittence, he did have the sparks to change the rhythm and attack with speed and power, isolated blows, or short combinations. Mainly, he charged with the upper, before the frontal attitude of Williams.

In those sparks of Andrade, what Williams he didn’t have it, the fight was going to the English. Y Andrade he was amassing an advantage that became looser on the cards, than what the struggle allowed us to see.

And although it seems a contradiction, Demetrius Andrade he took a victory that was clear, but unconvincing. The official judges gave him the victory: one by 116-111, and the other two, by 118-109. The card of LEFT PUNCH saw him win 117-111.

The champion of the OMB at 160 pounds he didn’t add up anything encouraging to suppose he’s going to get a big fight anytime soon. He did not get it in 154, he has not achieved it in 160, nor does it seem that he will get it in 168, where he intends to climb soon.

Demetrius Andrade calls on Golovkin, calls on Saunders, ask the Canelo, calls on Charlo. But in the end he is a fighter who generates more headlines under the ring than above it. Generate more fireworks with your mouth than with your fists. Is he Rigondeaux of his time.

While Andrade asks and asks for names, to Gennady Golovkin Y Ryota murata, two champions of 160 pounds, Demetrius it does not cross their mind. And not only that, but they have the luxury of negotiating, from now on, a unification fight … for the last day of December.

So unappealing and forgettable it seems to have become Demetrius Andrade. Therefore, winning clear is not necessarily convincing.

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