A diamond in the rough: Pedro Acosta won again and established himself in Moto3


It is one of the jewels of the Motorcycle World Championship. They all start to roll their eyes Pedro Acosta. The Spanish pilot stayed with the Grand Prix of Portugal from Moto3, and comfortably leads the division’s drivers’ championship. After a perfect race this Sunday, Acosta already took a great advantage in the championship and is already outlined as the great candidate.

After a rocky start, the Moto3 riders got into a long single file that revealed the enormous parity between all riders. Among the candidates to stay with the victory was the Spanish, nationalized Argentine, Gabriel Rodrigo. However, a touch with another of the competitors prohibited him from fighting above, as he was penalized with a long lap, losing several seconds.

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Pedro Acosta did not leave the privileged places in all the competition. Next to Dennis Foggia, who finished second, dominated the actions of the race the entire time. However, near the end, the Italian got quite close to the leader. Acosta suffered with the wear of the rear tire, which caused him unexpected movements, which he knew how to control until the end.

The Spaniard was the best and most consistent of the group in front. That is why he was left with a victory that is worth gold for him. With today’s result, Acosta is the youngest rider in the history of the category to achieve three consecutive podiums. At just 16 years old, Acosta has two wins in Moto3 and comfortably leads the division’s World Championship.

Championship status

After the victory this Sunday, Pedro Acosta leads the Moto3 Championship with a great advantage. The Spaniard added 25 points, reaching a total of 70. His teammate, Jaume Masiá reached 39, and is the escort. Darryn binder, which did not have a great Grand Prix day, is the third with 36 units. The next Grand Prix will be in Jerez, on May 2.

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