He finished it! Jorge Masvidal mocked Ben Askren for his intentions to box

He finished it!  Jorge Masvidal mocked Ben Askren for his intentions to box

Hours before getting knocked out hard Ben askren received a lot of criticism and ridicule from Jorge Masvidal. The excellent UFC fighter does not leave the former ONE Championship champion alone, assuring that he does not understand how he could be in MMA. As if that were not enough, his words were fulfilled in a short time, since this Saturday night he ended up asleep on the canvas, thanks to Jake Paul.

Starting with his words, Masvidal He said, ‘I never felt that Ben askren was fully involved in MMA. Joe (Rogan) said to himself: ‘He’s so good at fighting that he doesn’t need anything else. It’s like you’re fighting two guys at the same time. It’s like you’re dealing with two guys at the same time. ‘ Something like that. And Ben kept it all his career like, ‘I don’t care if he’s a forward, I don’t need to hit. Yeah, I know my punches are limited so I can fight this guy and ride him dry for three rounds. ‘

Horror! Jake Paul’s impressive knockout of Ben Askren in less than two minutes

«He is not a forward. He wasn’t trying to clown and clown around. You really disrespected him to hit you all the way. Do you think I really want to support a guy like this? You don’t have to take my word for it for this. Whoever is listening to this can listen to any interview with him three or four years ago. And maybe I knocked out some of these guys. But then, if they surpass me in wrestling, what do I say? “, He deepened.

At the same time, Jorge she dictated, “That’s how I feel about Ben. I can’t get behind him. You were never a forward. The only reason they gave you this was because I made you famous in five seconds or less, so now people want to see you hurt again, and Jake Paul chose the perfect opponent to do it. This guy can’t generate any power with his hands. ¿Ben it’s hard? Yes, it is hard as hell.

He’ll take a beating, run four miles, and then do a triathlon. He’s tough, he’s got the mental toughness. But the skill set that is required for boxing, the time, the preparation, all of this? No, and he has always disrespected it. I don’t feel like it’s a representation of MMA. He’s his own fucking entity and he doesn’t believe in MMA. He thinks he can fight anyone. Now you can’t fight. Now you can only box. I guess you need the money so badly », he closed Jorge Masvidal.

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