Horror! Jake Paul’s impressive knockout of Ben Askren in less than two minutes

Horror!  Jake Paul's impressive knockout of Ben Askren in less than two minutes

This saturday night Jake paul sent to sleep Ben askren in the ring and the nets exploded. As predicted for a long time, the young and talented youtuber left the world of boxing with open mouth. He knocked out one of the legends of Mixed Martial Arts in less than two minutes of combat, causing many opinions on virtual platforms.

After warning several times, the hand that ended everything finally arrived. With a deadly right hand, the former ONE Championship champion didn’t even have time to react and ended up sprawled on the mat. In this way, the young American fighter is excited to continue down that path and thus be able to liquidate more fighters and renowned fighters. Now, it’s going for Conor McGregor.

In plans? Jake Paul says he’s close to convincing Conor McGregor

Undoubtedly, his happiness did not pass only because of the great image he left, but it filled his wallet even more. Weeks ago, Dana White, President of the UFC, bet a million US dollars that Askren managed to beat Paul. Automatically, the youtuber doubled the bet and jumped to two million. In addition to that, it is known that the bag that was there was really immense.

Paul’s prediction

Hours ago, Jake He said, “Whether it’s after Saturday night or a year from now, they’ll see that I’m a fighter. I use it all as gasoline in the gas tank to work harder every day. I know coming into this fight and I know that for the last three fights, everyone wanted to see Jake Paul lose. That’s why I work so hard every day, I surround myself with the best team and I take it so seriously. Because this fight is everything.

Losing is not an option, literally. It’s just not an option in my head. It’s not going to happen. I have tried my best and that is why I am confident in my ability and I am confident that I will be victorious. I don’t care, but I think people will make a lot of excuses for him afterward, which is great. Like again, I mention Floyd Mayweather but Floyd’s 50-0 and people are still debating why it shouldn’t be 50-0. Jake paul.

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