Is it the following? Israel Adesanya has almost confirmed his next rival

Is it the following?  Israel Adesanya has almost confirmed his next rival

Israel Adesanya, Middleweight champion of UFC, it would be nowhere to confirm his next rival. After what was the epic battle between Robert Whittaker and Kelvin Gastelum, the Australian went home with an impressive victory. For that reason, the world’s leading Mixed Martial Arts company began planning to hold a rematch between the two.

After UFC Vegas 24, Whittaker He mentioned: “It’s funny, after the win, everyone is asking for a title shot for me. This is how I have always taken the approach to fights, is that if you beat them all, eventually you are on top. It is a simple path, and there is no other fight that makes sense to me other than that tile shot, and that is the shot that I want and that I am taking.

He completely mastered it! Robert Whittaker beat Kelvin Gastelum and dreams of the title

“I knew it was going to be a tough fight, and you could see it. Each hit that landed, he took two steps forward. He was a tough guy. I kicked him in the head in the first round and he made a war with the other four. I take my hat off. It’s a smaller octagon so I had to play around with that, tend to it, if you like. The idea was to be the first, attack, make him pay, “he said.

A deserved rematch

For its part, Robert He also stated, “If he shows up, make him pay. If we are there, if we are in the middle range, make me pay. I think that’s half the reason the pace of the fight was the way it was, because I was always there, because to step back was to cut myself. Every time I took a step back, they cut me off and I had to go around, and that’s when he would come in and try to be heavy.

«I have played video games all my life; I’m no stranger to trash talk. And honestly, you can. He won the last fight between the two, so I guess it was coming, right? It’s just that he’s him, I guess. I think the borders in New Zealand are the best they have ever had, so in September, I think we can have a full stadium there and once again boost the industry there and MMA as a whole. Robert Whittaker.

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