Spectacular! Randy Costa and the most exciting possible UFC fight to come soon

Spectacular!  Randy Costa and the most exciting possible UFC fight to come soon

In these hours, a fight of UFC becomes the most anticipated, with Randy costa as the protagonist. The aforementioned is close to making his crossing with Adrian yanez, the one that is clearly giving what to talk about in the whole world. Instead of being fired with thick ammunition in the preview, praise and grace are showered on both sides. Therefore, it could become the most exciting contest.

That way, Coast He started by saying, “I didn’t even go out of my way and say, ‘I want that guy.’ It was not like that at all. Someone had tweeted that Randy Costa vs. Adrian yanez it would be a good fight, and I told him it would be a good fight. I’m sure it would be, whatever it is, it’s very good. And they said he wants to fight on May 15th and I said, ‘I really don’t know how to talk shit, but I know you like Dr. Pepper and Dr. Pepper sucks.

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So if you want to take that as shit, like that’s what we can fight for, but I don’t dislike the guy, so I’m not going to make decisions against him. It was simply a response from Twitter that turned into something so big. It began to gain strength and other journalists began to talk about it and it became this, ”the extraordinary fighter also highlighted.

A different fight

For its part, Randy He stated: “It was really cool because it was the first time I had seen people endorse a fight that was sparked with nothing but positivity. It was really cool. People were saying, ‘Wow, this would be a good fight,’ but there was no animosity, we weren’t talking shit about each other. If anything, we were congratulating each other, so it was really cool to see and change the angle of what MMA fighters can do.

“I know I’ve never seen a fighting idea grow without anything but positivity. There has been no negativity, there has been no shit, it was really cool. Even if the fight doesn’t happen, I’m glad he increased his actions a bit, I have to get my name out a bit and it was completely positivism. I mean, his fans aren’t even talking about me and my people aren’t talking about him. It’s just one big fucking party. It’s pretty cool “, he closed Randy costa.

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