Tyson Fury and Andy Ruíz meet for the first time and share advice

Andy Ruíz y Tyson Fury

Tyson fury he met with Andy Ruiz and assured that he gave him some advice for his next fight against Anthony Joshua, although the official announcement is missing. The two fighters met for the first time at a charity event organized by Jorge Capetillo on The Vegas, Nevada.

“He’s been teaching me how to hit heavyweights fast,” he said. Fury during the event. “He’s been giving me some private tutoring.”

Both fighters gathered to support the event of the coach who has been on the corners of both. At the same time, Fury He spoke of the next Mexican fight, which will be before Chris arreola next May 1.

“I like it Chris and I like it AndyIt’s a great fight, ”he said. “I sincerely believe that Andy he is too young and fresh, he will win the way he wants.

The compliments on this occasion are far from what happened almost two years ago, when Andy He surprised the world by beating AJ and taking away his belts for a few months. That time, Tyson He assured that he would have no problem defeating him with one hand tied behind his back.

The faith of both boxers

Also Fury He spoke about how he dealt with being overweight and addicted to drugs and alcohol, while Andy touched on his story again to overcome adversity and be the first Mexican champion of the complete.

“I had severe mental problems after 2015, I was at a point in my life where I weighed 400 pounds and had an addiction to alcohol and drugs, now I am here with 270 and with my world title,” said the British fighter .

“I kept praying to God after nobody believed in me “, he was sincere Andy. “Nobody remotely thought that someone ‘chubby’ could be the first Mexican to be heavyweight champion.”

Ruíz is at the close of his preparation for the fight with Chris arreola, while Tyson fury finally awaits the officialization of the fight before Joshua, whose seat is strongly rumored to be Saudi Arabia.

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