Bayern and Dortmund resist the Superliga

Bayern and Dortmund resist the Superliga

Bayern and Borussia Dortmund are reluctant to enter the super league plans, which is seen as a provocation in Germany, where fan organizations have long rejected plans in that direction and even oppose the commitment to reform of the Champions League.

There are analysts, such as veteran commentator Marcel Reif, who believe that the resistance will not last forever and that sooner or later the two greats of German football will end up giving in, but for now both have remained on the sidelines.

Bayern’s rejection has been tacit and is reflected in the fact that it has not joined the declaration for the creation of the Super League. Dortmund, on the other hand, has published a statement in which it maintains that, as a member of the European Clubs Association (ECA), it maintains the previous position, which points to a reform of the Champions League under the tutelage of UEFA.

“The members of the Executive of the Association of had a virtual conference in which they reiterated that the resolution of Friday continues being effective”, said in the declaration the CEO of the Dortmund, Hans-Joachim Watzke

“The two German clubs represented in the ECA executive, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, defended 100% equal positions,” he added, involving the Bavarian club in their position.

The decision of the two great German football players to stay out of the project may have many reasons, but one of them is undoubtedly the resistance to it that exists in Germany and that goes from those responsible for the German Football League (DFL) and the German Football Federation (DFB) down to fan groups.

“The interests of a few elite clubs in England, Italy and Spain cannot lead to the liquidation of structures that have been created over time throughout European football. It would be especially irresponsible to irreparably harm the national leagues that are the foundation of European professional football, “said DFL Managing Director Christian Seifert.

On the DFB side, Vice President Rainer Koch endorsed UEFA and FIFA’s position and expressed his satisfaction that no German club is involved in the project and his hope that this will continue to be the case.

The reactions against the super league have also been felt in the German sports press. The magazine “11 Freunde”, for example, says that “it is something to throw up” and calls for a harsh reaction from all federations.

The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” describes the Super League in a comment, illustrated with a photo of Real Madrid, as “The final proof of the delusion of greatness”. The newspaper “Bild” sees it as something “perverse” and as “a betrayal of football.”

“I have loved soccer all my life. But I will cease to be interested in that sport if what a pair of greedy nouveaux riches have projected comes true,” said “Bild” sports director Alfred Draxler.

“That’s not a Super League, it’s a shitty league,” adds Draxler.

Comments like these reflect the atmosphere in Germany about the Super League. Already the reform plans of the Champions League generate resistance and it has been criticized that Dortmund and Bayern have wanted to present them as a compromise formula.

Due to the pandemic restrictions, the fan organizations and the ultras do not have their usual forum, which is the stadium, but they have long expressed their rejection of the creation of a competition that harms the national leagues and that, according to his conviction, it would make the rich richer and move football further away from its popular roots.

In Germany it is difficult to find a voice that openly defends the idea of ​​a Super League. Kicker magazine considers that the absence of Dortmund and Bayern is due precisely to the “headwind” of the project blowing in Germany by the fan organizations which, it adds, “is stronger than in any other country.”

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