Do you fold if you don’t win? Tony Ferguson, given the opportunity of his life in the UFC

Do you fold if you don't win?  Tony Ferguson, given the opportunity of his life in the UFC

The experienced and great fighter of UFC, Tony ferguson, is at a difficult point in his career. Although he assures that he does not feel pressure due to the situation he is going through, it is known that Dana White could be watching him very closely to see if he cuts him off from the company or not. His next battle will be before Beneil Dariush, which would be crucial. At 37 years old and three fights lost in a row, it’s win or win.

In that sense, Ferguson He said: ‘Last year, it had nothing to do with the coaches or anything else. Seriously, I take all the blame and all the blame, but the two losses I had, I’ll be honest with you guys, it was the best learning experience I could have probably had and the best that was for me and my family. Chasing a guy like Khabib and then trying to fight and then not fighting and then having interim belts hanging in front of you, the game is what it is.

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You can’t be mad at the game. But the way you play is exactly your focus. And that’s what I did this year. I completely changed my focus. Instead of a college mindset, I went back to an Olympic mindset and began to surround myself with hungry people like me and how they have been for a long time. And I started to find myself in Wild Card much easier, because that’s where I knew I could find that kind of routine, “he said.

The battle of his life

At the same time, Tony He explained, “You have amateurs, you have professionals, and you have Olympians. And you have a different look at everything, but the routine remains the same, it does not change at all. And it’s nice to be around that because of that structure. For a long time I had to structure myself and I did, especially with the balance of everything. The good thing is being able to have the perspective of my coaches and my team in order to understand the game of martial arts as a whole. And it was very nice, man.

“I’m going to be real, it’s a really cool approach to how my coaches and training partners in Wild Card, and even my new training partners in general now, how the perspective that they’ve been getting reps in. As I said, last year I had to worry about the happiness of many other people before myself, to make sure that other people were good, “he concluded Tony ferguson.

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