Do you use steroids? Conor McGregor Accused Nate Diaz on Social Media

Do you use steroids?  Conor McGregor Accused Nate Diaz on Social Media

Few hours ago, Conor mcgregor left a controversial message to UFC, so it caused the repudiation of other fighters. One of those was just Nate Diaz, with whom he already fought twice. With one win for each, many believe there should be a trilogy between them. In any case, the dispute at this time was on social networks for the sayings of the Irishman.

On twitter, Mcgregor He started by saying, “USADA put me to the test just before this. Blood and urine That’s twice this week. I don’t blame them, I am an animal. What bothers me is that there is no longer an ad for captured athletes. This means: 1. They can keep it quiet. 2. Corrupt excuses for supplements are accepted. @JeffNovitzkyUFC Why is the public no longer being informed about positive tests? “

Unusual! Conor McGregor asked the UFC for two new belts and Nate Diaz responded

How after the steroid debacle of Nate diaz, where he produced his own multivitamin tainted nutrition companies, was instantly phased out before a mega money fight, now we are in the dark with the test results? ‘Everybody takes steroids’ – Steroid user Nathan Diaz, “he also added to his remarks.

So Jeff said, “Hello Conor. I answered every question that was asked of me on the presser in ’19. Here is the link if you missed it. You have my number and you know that I am ALWAYS available to discuss one on one. I respect”. To that, Mcgregor He replied, “Well, anyway, thanks for clarifying that for me Jeff, silence makes a lot of sense. Also, where is my used jacket with 50+ clean tests completed that I see everyone else getting? I want to clean my ass with that ».

The irony of Diaz

«@Ufc Go ahead, make this little bitch a belt or 2 with rubies or whatever she wants on it. I think she really needs it. You need your confidence so that you can do it right, so go ahead and make the belt if you want to too. And go out there and get to be the champion … “, he commented Nate Diaz hours ago, making clear what he thinks about the former Irish champion’s order to the company.

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