Florentino Pérez: “We make the European Super League to save football”

Florentino Pérez: "We make the European Super League to save football"

Florentino Pérez defended the creation of the European Super League, this Monday, in an interview granted to the program ‘El Chiringuito’ during which he assured that the project of which he has been appointed president is not born with a spirit of rupture but warning that football, the UEFAIt should be “more transparent. We don’t want to confront anyone, but when there are people who believe that these institutions are theirs, that UEFA, LaLiga and others are theirs, you must do something.”

“I am here to save football, not out of self-interest,” Florentino clarified, making it clear that his intention “is to return interest and get out of this critical situation that we are going through. UEFA talks about that new Champions League, which we do not understand, to start in 2024 and they don’t realize that by then we’ll be dead. Soccer can’t wait. “

“The big ones are the ones that generate more resources and that should be known. If we don’t take this step, everyone will fall, not only the big ones or the modest ones, but everyone and our interest is to avoid it,” he proclaimed.

The president of Real Madrid warned that the project is a necessity to save a “critical situation” by moving away as much as possible from any controversy. “Nobody here has set up anything. The important clubs of England, Italy and Spain must provide a solution to a very bad situation that football is going through. There is talk of five billion losses and Real Madrid last year had a budget of 800 and we ended up at 700 and this year instead of 900 we will see if we will enter 600, in two seasons 400 million less, only Real Madrid. We are going through a very bad situation. We are all going through a very bad situation and we are looking for a solution, “he said. .

In this regard, Florentino argued the decision in an “urgent and urgent need. When you only have the television income, you understand that the only way to make it profitable is by making matches more competitive and attractive for fans around the world. And you conclude that yes in Instead of playing a Champions League during the week, which is less and less interesting, we do a Super League, we would be able to alleviate everything we lose.

“Football must evolve as life evolves,” said the president, solving that “everything has changed, social networks have changed the way of relating and living and football must adapt to that scenario. Our sport is losing interest, it shows. in which the audiences go down and something has to be done because with the pandemic this is accelerating.

“It is not true that it is a League for the rich, but to save everyone,” insisted Florentino, warning that “we are going to explain well what this competition is and that its objective is to save everyone, the modest, everyone, because it is the only chance to survive Here everyone talks but those who have the right to speak are the fans, the 4 billion fans around the world who want this to be more attractive.

“We have to respond to fans around the world, without great statements that are useless. The Champions League has less and less interest among young people and we must react,” he resolved, stating that it is the young people who are giving the back to football in its current format: “40 percent of young people no longer have an interest in football. There are many poor quality matches and they have other forms of entertainment. So we understand that we must do something to make it more attractive and we a simple thing like this happened.

“Soccer has lowered its attractiveness among young people and we must ensure that those young people, who have other platforms to entertain themselves, return to soccer. The Champions League is attractive only from the Quarters because before you play against modest ones that do not attract. And young people say that these games are very long, unattractive. Sometimes we do not understand our children and they are different generations that deserve the effort to understand them and offer them what they demand, “he said.

“We are risking the future of football and there are people who do not want to lose their privileges even though we are all on the brink of ruin. We do not want to be richer and the poor poorer, that is not true. Football is in decline free and you have to do something, save it, “he repeated, recalling that this situation is not entirely new.

“It already happened in the 50s when the European Cup that Santiago Bernabéu held against FIFA was created and that in the end changed football. The attraction is because the greats play and that is for the good of all. We do it to save the world. soccer that is in a critical moment “, sentenced.

“It was not difficult for me to talk to Laporta. When you talk to responsible people things are simple. He is a sensible man and he understood it because Barcelona is also in a very delicate situation. Does he save him? He saves us all. Me, in 20 Years that I have been in football, I have never seen a situation like this, “Florentino revealed regarding the position of Barça, to whom, laughing, he acknowledged that if necessary he would give him, as president of the SuperLiga, the Copa de champion.

“This tournament generates more money, because a Barcelona-Milan or a Madrid-Manchester is much more attractive. The issue is clear: what does the whole world demand? We have fans, all the big ones, in China or Singapore and that’s what it gives money, not other competitions. And that money goes to everyone because it is a pyramid that benefits everyone in the end. If we are something, it is in solidarity, “he clarified, rejecting that this is an absolutely closed competition.

“Others can also access the tournament because there are 15 fixed clubs and another five that can play for sporting merits. It is not a closed League as has been said, that is not true. The clubs must be meritorious to play a League like this”, he argued, revealing the “exponential” growth in terms of economic benefits: “UEFA earns 130 million euros and we are talking about 400. With that money what we do is save the world in general.”

“We have a survey in which 75 percent of fans are favorable,” warned the president of Real Madrid, thus rejecting the opposite view that, he said, has been installed “for interests that should explain” and acknowledged that PSG At the moment, he is not part of the founding club “because we have not invited him yet, like the Germans, but I do not know why there are those who, without knowing, speak just to speak and that we are going to end the Leagues when it is common sense that that will not be so.

“I have spoken with all the Leagues, federations and nobody understands that new Champions. They say that it will begin in 2024, by then we will already be dead. They do not realize the urgency that we all have,” he clarified, solving that the Champions would not die because “the other clubs would continue to play it. You can play both.”

In this regard, he threw a glove to imply that they do nothing behind anyone’s back and that for this reason he does not understand the attacks received. “We say that we will talk to UEFA and FIFA. We do nothing behind our backs and I do not understand why they are going to get angry. We made it clear in the statement. UEFA works in another format, which, with all due respect, I do not I understand it but that it does not produce the necessary income to save football.

“What we want is to save football so that the next 20 years can be lived in peace. One thing must be very clear: the situation is dramatic,” he repeated, throwing a dart at the UEFA president.

“UEFA should be more transparent and explain things. We know that football is going through a very difficult situation and the models must be changed when necessary. In the statement we say that we will speak with UEFA and with all the organizations.

“We are talking about a very serious thing. Soccer has four billion fans and our group represents two billion, they deserve respect and more when we are here to save everyone,” he agreed, answering the UEFA president in an obvious way: “His are threats from those who confuse a monopoly with society. We must speak and dialogue, as we have offered,” rejecting that he fears for an expulsion, already this season, from the Champions League as has been speculated: “Madrid will not They are going to kick out of the Champions League, neither Madrid nor City nor anyone else, that’s for sure.

“The Real Madrid footballers can be very calm because nothing is going to happen. UEFA is a monopoly and what it should do is be more transparent. I don’t want to talk about things that happened there, but, of course, it shouldn’t have that threatening tone, “he warned in response to Ceferín’s threats. “What cannot be allowed is that the president of UEFA insults us, as he has done with the president of an entity like Juventus. I would be incapable of speaking like him. This has to change because we do not want a president of the UEFA. UEFA that insults “he synthesized, insisting that the continental body” must understand that things have changed and it is time to step forward because in the situation in which we are we die.

“We have lowered our salary, I know what LeBron James earns, but I don’t know what Mr. Ceferín earns, for example. And I have lowered the salary but I don’t see that the president of LaLiga has done that,” he denounced , adding that it is necessary “an exercise of transparency in all senses. Here the monopoly has ended and everyone should know what happens because we are about to go bankrupt and not only us, but everyone.

“The League is not going to lose value because it is deeply rooted and will continue as always. Look at basketball: we play the ACB, which is the League, and then the Euroleague and nothing happens. You can coexist perfectly,” he declared, proclaiming the character supportive of your project despite all the pressures. “Look, when we have the money, we distribute it, because we believe in solidarity and values.

“With the current income of the Champions League, we die. And we all die, the great and the small, which is something that some do not want to understand. We want to be masters of our destiny, but from the beginning of solidarity. Who says otherwise is that he does not want things to change and is against the interests of football.

“Break? We have to convince all levels of the need to take this step. If an agreement is not reached, then we will see what will happen. We try to get closer to everyone. This is not about rich and poor,” he said, solving that pedagogy is needed more than confrontation: “You can be for or against, say you don’t understand it, but for the sake of football you cannot be disrespectful. I am here to improve.”

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