Official: the NFLPA stands against the NFL before the start of the preseason

Official: the NFLPA stands against the NFL before the start of the preseason

Tension grows in the NFL days before the start of the voluntary internships, since half of the franchises have refused to start the work in person. The football league has relaxed security measures over last season, and players have disagreed. Now the NFLPA (The Players Association), has backed the strike and asked the athletes not to show up.

It was last week that the NFL, in response to refusal of franchises to start face-to-face work In the midst of the pandemic, he announced that the first 4 weeks would be done in a virutal way. However, this measure does not appear to be enough, and the players remain steadfast in their refusal to attend voluntary practices. Now the executive director of the NFLPA, DeMaurice Smith has come to his defense.

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NFLPA Statement

Smith highlighted the limited flexibility of the NFL to voluntary practices, which, as their name implies, must be voluntary. “I think what a lot of players have said is that they have heard from their coaches that they need to come forward. We have known for years that these are voluntary sessions where many coaches put their finger on the scale and, although they call it a volunteer, they wait for the players to show up.

“I think what they are seeing now is that, for the first time, the players are exercising their voice… to say ‘no’. And frankly, it’s one of the few times that coaches have heard players say ‘no’. And for some players, it is probably the first time that they have said ‘no’ to their coach »added the director of the NFLPA.

Likewise, Smith praised the work done in the 2020 offseason, as opposed to the lightening of protocols. “This is a negotiated and granted voluntary offseason program where if someone comes with you or me and says, ‘I have a way to cut concussions by 30 percent and I have a way to cut time lost to injuries by a 23 percent, ‘I think almost everyone would think of genuinely accepting it, voluntary or not.

NFLPA Official Page

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