Saunders suspects: “If Canelo already makes plans to fight with Plant it is because the fight with me is arranged”

Billy Joe Saunders y Canelo Álvarez

TO Billy Joe Saunders he worries that Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez is making plans to fight a unification against Caleb Plant by the end of the year, if you haven’t fought him yet, and you suspect the fight is arranged.

“I am planning to win as long as it is a fair court,” he said. Billy Joe Saunders in interview for iFL TV. “I also feel somewhat disappointed that there are already events planned for the fight (from Canelo) with (Caleb) Plant “.

The Canelo has expressed an interest in winning all four 168-pound belts, and his promoter Eddie hearn, has spoken that the next rival of the Mexican, after Saunders, would be the champion of the FIB, Caleb Plant. That leads to Saunders to suspect that his fight with him Canelo it is already arranged.

“When people make other plans before this plan is realized, it is due to certain things,” he said. Saunders. “Maybe the fight is already arranged. It is a scandal, if it is already fixed, and the results are already predisposed. We know that there is a lot of corruption in boxing. So two things, or the results of this fight (of Saunders Y Canelo) They are already fixed, or the dice will roll with justice for all ”.

The English, however, says he is ready to ruin those plans.

“I can definitely ruin other plans,” he said. Saunders. “We are not here just to play a role. I wouldn’t leave my wife and kids just to pick up a check.

Saunders He also expressed his annoyance with the judges who qualified the contest, since initially a Mexican, a British and an American judge were agreed, a situation that will end up being breached.

“I come to win,” he warned Saunders. “And I signed this agreement based on the fact that there would be an English judge, another American and a Mexican. And now when I arrive I realize that there is no English judge, nor any English officer allowed. I haven’t gotten to the bottom of that yet, but I want someone to explain. But, from the outset, it is not something acceptable, not an even court, is it? Let’s be fair. I have been silent, but I am not blind.

Saunders He believes that things are changing with respect to what he signed, because the fight could have a significant capacity and generate much more money.

“It’s all I can do, respect what I signed,” he mentioned. Saunders. “At the beginning there was no money for the spectators, and now we see that there will be 70,000 fans. It is good money, but you have to think that you cannot change the rules of the game, just because there is money ”.

Canelo Alvarez remains fixed on the goal of becoming the champion of the super middle division in 2021 and the fight against Saunders is the first step to go after Caleb Plant and seize the four belts.

Even with everything you suspect Saunders He stands firm that he can beat the Canelo.

“I am a right man,” he said Saunders. “Canelo he is a very good fighter. He is the best Pound for Pound. But I’ve never fought a gypsy. He has fought many nationalities, but has never fought a gypsy. I’ve done everything in my power to be in my best shape and be able to beat this fight. When fight night comes, we’ll see how good I am, and where I am. “

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