They dont want it! They say Jake Paul and Triller are ruining professional boxing

They dont want it!  They say Jake Paul and Triller are ruining professional boxing

After what was the great knockout of Jake paul on Ben askrenThe criticism was not long in coming. Thus, John mccarthy, former UFC referee, and Josh thomson, MMA expeller, they did not save anything about this fight. Both were very hard on the youtuber, in addition to liquidating the company Triller, in charge of events like the one that happened last Saturday. This being the case, his words went viral.

Initially, Thomson He acknowledged: “This kind of shit is not going to sell, and if it continues to sell, this is where boxing is headed. Total shit. I feel bad for real boxers. To that, McCarthy He added: “You made a lot of money with the first one, but you didn’t because you were incredibly talented in your production, or because it was great for the music and the fights.”

And now? Despite the knockout, Ben Askren mocked Jake Paul and ironic about the loss

You’re not doing anything new. Affliction did that in 2007. It’s a matter of, your fights are horrible. They are really bad. At least Affliction had great fights. You made money on the first Mike Tyson-based show. You had Mike Tyson. But if you could count on Jake Paul to take this boat here, and all the people who follow him. Well, all the people in the world who follow it are the millennials of the world, Generation X, whatever they call new things, and those are the people who live on the Internet and do not buy anything, “added the referee.

They don’t like it

What’s more, John He stated: “They steal it. So I’d really like to know how many people stole your food and how many actually paid for it. Because people saw your show, I would be one of them. But not many people paid for it. “He was laughing and joking about the contact effect, but he must be thinking, shit man.” I have nothing against Mario López, but the guy from Saturday Night Live is a joke, “he added. Josh.

He belongs on Saturday Night Live, not fights. I don’t know if he was drugged or drunk, but Oscar De La Hoya, he sounded ridiculous. I was embarrassed for him. There were times when he went from embarrassment to almost feeling ashamed and sad for him. The fact that you’re fighting, I have no desire to see you fight. And I was a huge fan of him. Paul He’s going to try to get someone else who doesn’t box out and try to do something and act like he’s so special, so good. It’s a joke, “he concluded Josh thomson.

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