Floyd Mayweather y Logan Paul

After the commercial success of Jake paul, Floyd mayweather jr seems to have resumed his plans for a fight with the brother of Jake, Logan paul.

The youngest of the siblings Paul defeated Ben askren by technical knockout, on April 17 at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. With such a result, he managed to stretch his professional record to three victories, all before the limit.

Still, the greatest achievement of Jake Y Askren It was at the box office, with a sale of more than 1.4 million payments per event, according to Bad Left Hook.

Surely, it was this event that gave Mayweather what is necessary to continue your contestation negotiations with Logan, which seemed truncated.

Money He left a clear message on his social networks, so that the public is hooked on possible future news about the interruption of his retirement.

“Where do you think the fight should be?” Mayweather through your official account Instagram. The options that he left his followers for the selection were: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, and Atlanta.

Mayweather Y Logan paul They would meet on February 20, but the fight was postponed for no specific reason. Although it is speculated that it was due to the sanitary restrictions that still existed in the world due to the pandemic.

Logan’s message to Floyd

After his brother Jake beat Ben askren, Logan paul sent a message to Floyd mayweather in social networks.

It was a video of the knockout of Jake paul to Askren, and the brief message that sounds like a warning, “Mayweather, see this”.

Does Mayweather want to fight Logan, or does he want more dollars in his bank account?

Floyd mayweather made it clear that his priority is money. He did it with a video that he posted on his social networks, aimed at those who criticize his decision to make exhibition fights against rivals such as Logan paul.

“They care about my legacy, but I care about money,” he said. Mayweather In the video, just at the moment he says it, a rain of dollars begins to fall on him as he furiously hits the sack.