Djokovic replied to Nadal: “I am not obsessed with anything in life”

Djokovic replied to Nadal: "I am not obsessed with anything in life"

The declarations of Rafael Nadal, in Barcelona in search of a new Count of Godó, traveled to Belgrade where Novak Djokovic will compete in the ATP 250. “I’m not obsessed with anything in life,” said the world’s No. 1.

Nadal had said that his ambition in tennis was different from that of Djokovic, who “is obsessed with records.” The manacorí clarified that the obsession was not negative but that they had a different way of facing their objectives.

“I can’t speak on his behalf because I don’t know how he thinks, but Rafa has the right to have an opinion on whatever it is. This time he has spoken about the records. Personally, I don’t feel that I am obsessed with anything in this life. I just feel like it is passion and enormous desire to continue growing as a tennis player I am a person who always wants to achieve his goals and I have never had problems when it comes to verbalizing it. It has never been difficult for me to say that I want to break the Grand Slams record or reach a certain goal. It is not bad. Since I was little, I was not afraid to express my goals: I wanted to be number one in the world and win Grand Slams. Of course, those goals are growing and when you achieve one you already want to achieve another. That is the way, like the one Rafa has, “said the Serbian in statements raised by Tennis Majors.

Djokovic, who currently has 18 Grand Slam – two behind Nadal and Federer – added “It’s all a matter of perception and interpretation of what one says. I respect Rafa a lot, probably more than any other player on the circuit. He is the greatest. rival I have had on tour. Everything he has achieved, his dedication to this sport and his way of training and competing generates a lot of admiration. He knows what sources of motivation he has. I can’t go into that. I have said many times In the past that my love for tennis is the main reason why I continue to play tennis. If I did not love to compete, I would have no reason to continue playing. I continue to compete because I still feel the fire and the desire to continue winning. with the support of those closest to me. As long as it continues like this, I will continue forward. “

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