Inadmissible! MLB opens investigations against Justin Turner

Justin Turner

The celebration of the Dodgers after winning the World Series title he was marred by immense controversy. Justin turner, third baseman of the Los Angeles team, tested positive for COVID-19 in the middle of the game. He was sent to the hotel to isolate himself, but appeared with his teammates on the court during the celebration. Now the MLB take action on the matter and open the investigations.

Justin Turner ignored the protocols

What of Justin turner in the definition of the World Series it was a scandal. The player was the only one who had the test carried out on both campuses the day before the game repeated, and the results came out during the seventh inning of Game 6. At the time, the MLB confirmed that he had been placed in isolation, but he did not comply with the orders.

The images of third base went viral. The player not only celebrated with his teammates by being positive. In some photographs, he is unusually appreciated without the mask. The baseball player’s actions have generated immense controversy, and have been strongly rejected by many. Now this is exposed to a harsh sanction by the MLB for violating the protocols.

League statement

After the player was clearly seen at the celebration, the MLB issued a statement rejecting his actions, as he put everyone present in the field at risk. «After the victory of the Dodgers, it is clear that Justin turner he chose to ignore the agreed joint protocols and the instructions they gave him regarding the safety and protection of others.

“While the desire to celebrate is understandable, the decision to Turner to leave the isolation and enter the field was wrong and put everyone with whom he came into contact at risk. When MLB Security raised the question of being in the field with Turner, he emphatically refused to comply »added the league, who are studying a harsh sanction against the player of the Dodgers.

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